Spectrum told me post TWC cnversion that cable cards are not supported

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    I live in the Rochester, NY area. I just converted to a new Spectrum cable plan from Time Warner cable because it is going to save me about $16 bucks a month. The day I was switched over, my tuning adapters no longer worked. I called Spectrum support and was told that tuning adapters and cablecards were no longer supported by Spectrum. (They also told me that I could not switch back to Time Warner.) I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me the same thing. He was in the process of trying to help (but it wasn't looking good) when I got disconnected. I then called the Time Warner cablecard support number I have used in the past. Luckily they still have access to the system and were able to get my equipment back online.
    My understanding was that cablecards have to be supported under FCC rules. There is some confusing information out on the Internet but it does appear that the rule is still in place. I'm not sure how spectrum support and even a supervisor can say cablecards are no longer supported when the law says the opposite.
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    Glad you got it worked out. Your analysis that cable card rules are still in place and that they still have to support cable card devices is the view of those on this forum who appear to know what they are talking about. I guess when someone actually can not get Spectrum to support cable cards and files an FCC complaint we will find out the answer.
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    The only confusion is SPECTRUM....this has been covered in other posts, support for cable cards are an FCC mandate for them. This misinformation periodically crops up on various other providers and there are a few exceptions for tiny ISP's, the few that don't use traditional cable like google and att uverse, and satellite, they still are required to support cable cards.
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    Charter/Spectrum is TERRIFIED of cablecards, because they are totally incompetent when it comes to trying to authorize them.
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    I would say they are uncaring rather than terrified. There is nothing about the situation that would terrorize them. The old TWC was just as incompetent for years and nothing bad happened to them.

    The real bottom line here is: If you have a problem related to CableCARD or Tuning Adapter on a TWC/Spectrum system, call their national CableCARD support desk 866-532-2598. Don't even bother going through local support. Fingers crossed that Spectrum will continue to support this desk. It employs some 30 people which costs a lot.
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    30x$100k = $3 million/yr cost vs $40 billion in Revenue, not even a blip.
  7. jrtroo

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    It's a lot when the budget goes to zero!
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    I read somewhere a while back that Charter had about 30,000 retail cable card customers. Out of tens of millions of subscribers, we're pretty rare. No wonder most of their employees are so ignorant. That's no excuse, but it does kind of explain why cable card support is so abysmal.

    Lying about cable card support is another matter entirely. There are so many reports of it in the converted markets, I do suspect a deliberate and systematic attempt to deceive and drop cable card customers. The more complaints to the FCC the better.
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    Yikes! Don't take away my cableCARDs, Charter/Spectrum! I've had cc Tivos for a number of years now (since Premieres) and if they cut us off I would be WAY beyond pissed.

    All that said, however, I have found that, even over the years before Charter bought TWC and other cable companies, it was few and far between to find a CSR who actually knew much about cableCARDs. The good thing was that the guy who came to my house when I had to have my first two installed (they required a service call for this), he knew what he was doing.

    But when I replaced one of my Premieres with a Bolt and had to have the cc re-paired, it was a hellish experience. With the help of a few people on the phone it didn't get paired but somehow or other I managed to pair it myself. I don't even remember how, as I was just trying stuff like a maniac (really needed to get that thing up and running!). But they quit on me with kind of a lame 'sorry, can't seem to get it to pair' thing. Frustrating.

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