Spectrum to Fios... so smooth

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by cwoody222, Jan 25, 2020.

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    I got to supervise a Spectrum to Fios changeover today. How NICE it is to deal with knowledgeable and helpful techs who actually know how to pair a CableCard!

    There was one brief offhanded comment from the tech, “I had a TiVo once... 20 years ago” but not once did they suggest we get their DVR equipment or question our decision to use TiVo like Spectrum would have. They were even impressed that TiVo could use Moca.

    Pairing the cards was as easy as the installer putting 3 series of numbers into an app on his phone. No calling, no waiting to be transferred, no nothing.

    And I was able to get rid of so much coax, extra splitters, and the god awful tuning adapters!!! And, imagine, the installer brought the cards on the first truck roll, they “worked” and he never once blamed the hardware for anything. Truly a miracle that Fios Motorola cards always work and Spectrum’s Motorola cards are “always” bad!
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    Mar 8, 2017
    I had the exact same experience switching from Spectrum to Frontier. I had TiVo working on Spectrum at my last residence without much issue except for one time and it was resolved quickly. We move to my current residence and went to hell. The Cablecard would work but not the TA. I had several techs here over several weeks, filed a complaint with the FCC and everything none of it mattered. They finally gave up and blamed it all on the TiVo The last day they were here i was getting every channel except SDV channels. When they decided they no longer wanted to try and figure it out we told them just leave it so we at least get the non SDV channels, before they left we noticed we were getting even less channels then that. They claimed to try and figure it out, in a last ditch effort they just put back in the cablecard that was in there at the time they'd arrived that day. Now we were getting no channels at all. Which they blamed on the TiVo said it just suddenly broke.Um no the cablecard was just not paired at all. It was very obvious because all channels said not authorized. Frontier comes puts the cablecard in enters the numbers in they have to and it immediately becomes "unbroken". At first the premium channels didn't work but they resolved that in few minutes as well. Have not had an issue with the TiVo since.

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