Spectrum could not get my tuning adapters to work

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    It can be flashed remotely, it literally was on the shelf where they grabbed it and handed it to me. I am not trying to argue the point, but they can remotely flash it as they have twice in the last week while I worked through my issues. It's a literal ****-show to deal with them, and my point is it would be nice if TiVo would work through the technological hurdles so that they incorporate that technology natively.
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    It needs to be configured to work with your particular cable company. It’s not a one-size-fits all.

    Tivo did actually develop a software method but it only worked with cable companies that deploy TiVo units.

    TiVo Crafts ‘Embedded’ Switched Digital Video Tech | Multichannel

    “the same approach could be used on TiVo boxes sold at retail, but noted that, because it requires some headend work, it would require negotiations and some form of an agreement with the cable operator.”

    It requires help from the cable side.

    It is not as simple and building in some software and having your cable company “flash” it remotely to get it to work.
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    For anyone who stumbles across this thread as I did while searching for a resolution to Tivo and SDV issues with Spectrum please do what is suggested on the first page of this thread and file an FCC complaint. It works!

    I have a 4-tuner Bolt with tuning adapter on Spectrum, which has worked fine for years. About a month ago I started having issues similar to other posters here - SDV channels would not tune, I'd just get a black screen and either "channel not provided by tuning adapter" or "channel not available. Contact your cable company". Rebooting the TA would sometimes resolve it, but only for an hour or two.

    I went through standard Spectrum tech support, and over the course of 3 weeks i had 2 service truck rolls, 5 TA swaps and 2 CableCard swaps. None of it fixed the problem and when I tried to elevate the issue with Spectrum I got nowhere. Tech support said "all we can do is schedule another service call."

    With no other option I decided to file an FCC complaint. 3 days later I got a message from the assistant to a C-suite level exec at Charter telling me they received the complaint and that "it was elevated to the highest levels of leadership at Charter." Two days later I got a call from the technical lead at my local Spectrum office, and a day later he was on-site to troubleshoot the problem. He spent over 4 hours at my house on a conference call with at least 6 other people at the Spectrum NOC. In the end a simple reboot of a piece of equipment at their node solved the problem.

    I will say that almost everyone I dealt with at Spectrum was great. From the beginning they genuinely wanted to solve the problem but they face two major challenges - first most of them don't know much (if anything) about CableCard/TA technology, which is not surprising as probably less than 1% of their customers use them. Secondly they are not empowered to elevate issues to the proper channels. I can understand not wanting to put every call through to Level 2 or higher, but the agents need to be empowered to elevate an issue when they recognize it's outside the standard array of problems. They could've saved hundreds or perhaps thousand of dollars in tech support time if they had just connected me with the people who know their system.

    I guess the bright spot in all of this is that I met the tech supervisor in my area who is an absolutely great guy and knows their systems inside and out. So if I ever have an issue in the future he'll be my first call!
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    Wish I had gotten this far with my complaint... Which city are you in? I'm in Spectrum NYC and had a similar experience before I made a complaint and no traction afterwards

    Did you happen to know exactly which node was reset and who the tech talked to [phone numbers and such]?
    The last time I posted about this in January it was still giving me issues but then around the beginning of March everything was as normal as possible with CC/TA setup when like it was before TWC became Spectrum and thats when everything fell apart and Spectrum hasn't been too sharp with CC/TA and even took away a direct number for CC support making customers go through a phone tree and waiting times twice to get thru to CC support

    Knowing what steps the tech took might help others in a similar bind especially since most techs no little outside of Cisco cable boxes

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