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Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by aforkosh, Nov 1, 2012.

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    As noted in several threads in this forum, various shows have had episodes delayed due to Sandy. In most cases, the networks have simply delayed the scheduled episodes by a week or so. Unfortunately, if your TiVo did not receive an updated schedule before the scheduled time for program airing, your TiVo will 'believe' that the episode has already aired, and if you are using a default Season Pass for the series (or have the SP set so that only New episodes are recorded), you will NOT record the actual airing of episode if it is in the next few weeks (see the 28-day rule).

    There are two ways to mitigate this problem:
    1) Check the schedule shortly before the next airing of the series and manually force recording or
    2) Temporarily change the SP to Record All Episodes. If the selected station also airs past seasons of the series in non-prime time, you may need to delete the unwanted episodes. However, assuming your TiVo is not almost full, this option should allow you to not miss the delayed episodes.

    Once all the delayed episodes have been aired, it should be safe to use your normal SP settings.
  2. sharkster

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    Thanks for the info. I would not have realized that the actual episodes will not be picked up.

    Now to figure out what was supposed to be on when. d'oh! I don't pay attention to which night the newer weeknight sitcoms air.

    Good idea to temp change the SPs for some shows. You're pretty safe from having a zillion eps picked up with network shows which, AFAIK, are the only ones affected.
  3. sharkster

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    Jul 3, 2004
    Just an FYI - On the few sitcoms that I found in my SP list that were not aired last week, in lieu of reruns (even though the guide showed the issues as airing and recording last wk), the 're-airing' of those episodes this coming week all got picked up as new episodes by my SPs. Hopefully, that will go across the board. But, in my case, I didn't find a single one that isn't scheduled to record 'again'.
  4. starbreiz

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Does anyone have a list of shows that were affected? I know Private Practice is one, and I think the Thursday night NBC comedies are also. Maybe Animal Practice as well, since I still had that guide data but got 30 Rock instead.
  5. cherry ghost

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    How I Met Your Mother and maybe other CBS shows on Monday

    Thursday night on NBC shouldn't be affected since that decision was announced on Wednesday and most TiVos would have gotten the change in time.
  6. Hot4Bo

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    Hawaii Five-0 on Monday night.

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