Sound drops out/unit must be rebooted

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    Feb 23, 2016


    I'm a long time user of TiVo. I've had four of their units. I've been very happy until my last purchase upgrade to their last latest unit before the Bolt. I cannot use the rewind or forward feature without losing all sound to the tv. I have to unplug the then takes several minutes for it to reboot and start fresh again. Of course that means, I can't use the rewind or fast forward or it will happen again. Ive repeated this process too many frustrating times over the last several months. I've called multiple times and spoken with their people to no avail. They've had me go through multiple trouble shooting routines that have taken much time, not to mention the aggravation. I decided to bypass the people I would get upon calling for support and go straight to a supervisor. The last two times I asked to speak to supervisors...and only after a second call to a different supervisor, did he admit that this was a long time documented problem with this unit. Evidently, he said that it's a glitch in the software that involves HDMI cables and he assured me that they are working on it to correct. He wasn't sure when it would be solved. That is not a satisfying answer since it doesn't help me as I have a unit that can't be used for the main reason I use it for. This is a unit that was purchased 4 months earlier and operating flawlessly until this problem started. Very, very unhappy customer in Georgia.

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