Soon to be Ex-ReplayTV user looking for TiVo Info

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    If you don't have a STB, you get the cablecard instead of it, that's what I mean.
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    2006 is the last year a new Series 2 model was lanunched, and that is the Series 2 DT. The catch with that particular unit, is that it is not antenna compatible at all (to comply with FCC rules such a device have a digital tuner if it can tune antenna), and dual Tuners requires analog cable. It only supports one digital box. They are not available new. All of the previous Series 2s support antenna, and fully support antenna with box.

    If you want to hack it at a software level, anything with a TSN beginning with 5 or higher, will require a PROM hack before you can apply hacks on the drive.

    Except for the Dual tuner and any of the HD units, you need an Ethernet adapter as well, to connect to your Ethernet home network.

    You get the Cablecard from your provider regardless if they rent or sell them. They should rent them.

    IMO, If I had more or less traditional cable, I would go with a Premiere, even with an SDTV.
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    Well, ReplayTV as it is currently known will be ending 7/31. However, all the existing units will live on, at least until the 32-bit Unix clock overflows some time in 2038.

    Methods are in place to keep units working post 7/31. An alternate guide service is in the works for those who do not want to work the solution themselves. For those who want to do it on their own, all they will need is WiRNS 3.0, and a guide source (SD or a scraper). The new WiRNS handles all the clock setting and authorizing.

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    Oct 4, 2002
    I just threw away my two Lifetime Replay units.
    I loved those machines, but could not bring myself to deal with the hassle once Comcast forced us into boxes for all cable access.
    One of my machines had the automatic commercial skip. A revolutionary wonderful machine. I am surprised I was able to use the boxes as long as I did (almost 9 years!)

    I bought a Tivo first back in 2000 and right way got into the ReplayTVs.
    I preferred the interface after weeks of side by side comparisons. The Replay made it easy to avoid conflicts, as well as scheduling a certain show at a certain time without forcing me into a Series Recording. The Replays were the first I networked and pulled video from. R.I.P. ReplayTV. Thanks for all the coolness you provided me oh so many years ago before DVR's were found in every household.
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    I gave mine away late last year because they were collecting dust - going HD took them out of play in my house, but the crappy way you have to use them now with IR blasters etc. on Comcast would've taken them out for me anyway.

    I do miss commskip, but it was only about 50% correct anyway - it all depended on the channel you were recording. And the ability to record on another networked Replay was nice, but single tuner Replays were too limiting.
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    Re: Commercial Skip
    Sometimes when it missed, it really missed. There were times when you had the feeling that the story arc had just gotten rather impressionistic. Turn off commercial skip, got back a ways, and realize it had skipped a whole 15-20 minute segment of the program. Typically, this happened when there was a scene where a complete black-out on the screen occurred, maybe caused by a character in a black coat at night walking by the camera in close up.

    Re: ReplayTV service termination
    As soon as I got wind that the homeship service was ending, I decided to give up the fight and look at alternatives, thus arriving at a TiVo Premiere purchase. I was able to locate someone who would pay for shipping expenses of the two units, so at least I was able to find them a good home.


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