soo many issues , where to begin.

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has tvo software become useless

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  1. travellover

    travellover travellover

    Mar 20, 2007
    rocky hill,...


    i have a series 4. i loved all the info it gave me but now data is useless.

    this morning i was switching between golden girls and columbo. while do an explore i found one of golden girls had been in a coulmbo,episode and while the guide no longer tells you the episode they were in just gives generic info now i figured i could work my way through it. it told me columbo, which was on other tuner was not avail to record and had no upcomming episodes. ok so not on for at least 2 weeks except right now on other tuner..go,figure.
    when you go,to explore a show it shows the actors being in more mobies thanyou can count, except it's omly 4-5 not 20 as 15 are in every language but english even thous show is only in english..for,instance miracle on 34th street with Edmund Gewn and Natalie wood, nomdescription was avail in english.

    it has been recording shows i tell it not to and not recording what i want.

    when i switch tuners it goes black and audio from first tuner is on second tuner and many times, many,many lately when imswitch between tuners it changes right back to,firstthe second i let finger off the button.

    it add channels to my lineup all the time but 99% and channels i do not get os i constantly have to delete channels..pain in the ass.

    dates of birth for actors born before 1/1/1900 chnages to 12/31/99

    says actors in new shows years after they dies...pactrick swayzee died in 2009 but accd to tivo today he was in a new show.

    when you used to,explore a show and it said an actor was in say,law and would tell you the it just tell you the show. if it was law and order that means you now have to search through 20 years worth of shows to find the one episode they were in.

    i set up a recording for Roots. any show with word root in it recorded. i deleted dozens before deleting wish lst.

    looking up peter falk in search this evening....he did not exist..thinking i spelled it wrong imsesrvhed columbo, i was right so decided to try again...did not exist.

    when i go,to,what to,watch now all i ever get is C501 error...not once have i gotten anything else.

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO TIVO . it was the best of best, now best use is a boat anchor.
  2. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    From this and your other posts it does sound like TiVo has become useless for you for reasons that are hard to understand. If TiVo performs as badly as it does for you, it would make sense to just sell it. Many users, including me, have complaints about TiVo and in particular the Rovi guide data, but most of them still find their TiVo's useful -- and their is no real competition if you want to DVR cable TV.
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  3. Teeps

    Teeps Well-Known Member

    Aug 16, 2001
    I don't have a problem as you describe.
    However, I only use TiVo for its original purpose, recording cable and ota tv programming. Mostly Motor racing and look what we built shows.
    All the other crap that has been added; I do not use.
    I use a HTPC or tablet when I want to scope programs and/or actors.
  4. mdavej

    mdavej Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    Rovi guide data is indeed horrible on most levels. I don't think anyone here can disagree with that. It's unfortunate, but it likely won't ever change. So you have to decide if you're willing to work around the issues via creative wish lists and recording management or not. If not, there aren't very many alternatives. Channel Master can't do cable card and also uses Rovi data. Cable company DVRs are worse in most other respects and more expensive. Homebrew PC based solutions can have better guide data if you subscribe to a paid 3rd party service. But that comes with other complexities and limitations. Cloud DVR services record everything and are time limited. So that's no improvement. Tivo is still the least of all evils. So the best you can really do is get advice on how to rework your one-passes/wishlists to get close to your desired result. I've been able to do this with acceptable success.
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  5. Series3Sub

    Series3Sub Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2010


    Well for some, even a TiVo with all the bells and whistles but can't reliably record the content is pretty much useless. Even the awful cable co DVR's have one saving grace: they record the show people want recorded, and that makes it superior to a TiVo. It's like a Cadillac or a Mercedes that won't start or keeps dying every 2 miles. Then it is no longer a Cadellac or Mercedes.

    There is competition: a cable co DVR (or car) that actually WORKS: recording the shows reliably that people want recorded. It is about watching the content, not all about OnePasses, and apps, and skipping commericals, and Suggestions, and pretty UI, nor a lot of tuners or even about being a little more intuitive to use if the DVR CAN'T RECORD RELIABLY WANT PEOPLE WANT IT TO RECORD.

    If TiVo can really solve this metadata mess, then it might be worthy of returning to its pedestal, but in the meantime, cable co boxes keep recording what they are supposed to. Please enjoy your BMW that backfires, and lurches and clanks with all sorts of noises and dies and won't start after less than 12 attempts. Wow, what a car and what a DVR!

    The OP's gripes are legitimate, and does not deserve a response that adopts the tone of a rebuke just because he has no love of TiVo, especially with TiVo's whopper up front and continuing costs compared to the cable co DVR that is affordable per month with no bells and whitstles, but DOES what it is supposed to do. As long as TiVo is still providing poor metedata that prevents the TiVo, in many or even some cases, from doing what the core function of a DVR is supposed to do, EVERYONE SHOULD post and complain as much as they want until TiVo fixes it or the individual tires of it.

    Good grief! It's a forum; its a post; it's not as if he is knocking on your door or calling you on your telephone specifically to complain to you. Best let LEGITIMATE complaints from people who feel "tooken" to have their say over and over because it is TRUE! So ignore such people and move on. Nannies are not required.

    OP, gripe as much as you want, until TiVo fixes it. It seems none of these companies do anything UNLESS people complain--and complain and complain over and over. You have your way of communicating, and TiVO LOVERS have their way of being TiVo apologists for every legitimate issue: they don't want to hear people complain about it anymore because it HURTS thier little TiVo hearts to hear such harsh things about a BOX that isn't even a living thing or a company (umm, still not even a puppy dog or kitty) that has diminished what was a great brand. Give them time to get past thier denial and grieve properly. OP, you may want to consider DircTV or Dish, each with superior DVR's to even the latest TiVo's. Or just get the cable DVR if you don't want to change providers. But I don't blame you for giving TiVo some time to fix things because it isn't easy to abandon something that cost you a hunk of $$$.

    Best of luck and good cheer to all.
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  6. jth tv

    jth tv Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2014
    What happens if the cable company also uses Rovi data ?
  7. wmhjr

    wmhjr Guest

    Dec 1, 2007
    Then you're effectively stuck with Tivo. However, while the guide info may still be garbage (as it is now) at least the channel mappings will stay correct - AND - you won't be subject to the BSC, etc. And if it fails, you just have them replace it at no cost.

    The Tivos I have are absolutely the very last ones I'll ever own. They're all lifetime, so I'm figuring out when to abandon ship. Resale values of used Tivos have already suffered as evidenced by members here selling their used equipment with lifetime.

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