Sony SAT-T60 stuck at "Welcome" screen

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    Help! My good ol' T60 died a few months ago right about when the 3.5 fiasco started. Been busy, but finally had a day off to mess with it.

    When it died, I was watching video, when it rebooted a few times. The final reboot resulted in the unit getting stuck at the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen.

    I bought a new drive and baked it with Instantcake. I also checked the original drive in another machine. Both drives look good.

    I then grabbed the service manual and checked the power supply voltages at the main board - all are present. Rules out a PS or ribbon cable issue.

    The unit originally had Xtreme2.52 with Xtreme3.1 added onto it. Is it possible the prom needs to be re-flashed?

    Any other ideas?


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