Sons of Anarchy - "With an X" - 10/11/11

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    I think what really clued Chibs (sp?) in was that Juice gave the prospects "15 minutes" to return the brick, then when he excused himself he said "gimme 15". A little too obvious a connection to miss, even for a biker :D

    Obviously Unser knows Clay pretty well to have predicted his next move. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

    The discussion about "the black thing" suggests that the rule in question is from the original charter. Which IMHO kind of belies the saintly image of John Teller and his original vision for the club; whatever else he may have believed in, he was apparently still a racist (or willing to tolerate overt racism in his friends).
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    Porn stars character is named Ima, and she's stingy with her money. ;)


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