Son's of Anarchy -- Nov. 9th

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    May 6, 2005


    OK, so now just about EVERY member of the club has secretly cut a deal or cooperated with law enforcement, I mean come on, they couldn't have bothered to think of anything new to do?? The writers are so sloppy that they don't even bother to understand anything about the US Attorneys office or the Department of Justice or anything close to how they operate? (Hint, not with rogue, hippy attorneys running their own investigations out of the blue). The fact that the couldn't even get the terminology right makes this clear ("United States District Attorney" - no such thing). Season one was a bit campy but good, season two was kind of a muddled mess, and this season has just gotten dumb and sloppy.
  2. CharlieW

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    May 30, 2001
    Jersey Shore Mr. Merkin really Chuck Zito? ;)

    I think this season has been a huge comeback for the show after last season's inane kidnapping story line. Possibly the best season of the show thus far.
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    Had to use Google, but after finding the wikipedia page, I am most amused.

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