Sons of Anarchy - 11/30/10 - S3 finale

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  1. rgr

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    Feb 21, 2003


    Sonny Barger is one of the founders of the Hell's Angels. Played Lenny the Pimp, one of the First Nine.
  2. uncdrew

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    Aug 6, 2002
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    ...and she knows that SAMCRO cheats on their old ladies and the old ladies (including the Queen) know it and allow it.

    And she's carrying his baby.
  3. cheesesteak

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    As I so delicately put it in a previous episode thread, Tara's the dumbest mf'er on tv.
  4. Mr. Soze

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    I'd hit it. :up: But then Jax would hit me. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
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    I'd hit it, and I'd hit Imaho, too. So I guess Jax and me have the same tastes.
  6. mrdazzo7

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    Jan 8, 2006
    I forgot this in my last post...

    I think the show should explore Unser's history with the club more, because as it stands, I haven't seen enough to convince me that a career cop would sacrifice his job time and again, and in this case, his freedom/conscience/etc, just based on some sense of loyalty to the group... I'd like to see WHY he's so loyal to them.

    I get the small stuff like taking bribes and looking the other way when they want to beat up a witness, but in the finale he wasn't only involved in getting a federal agent murdered, but the plan couldn't have happened without him.

    I think it would be interesting to explore exactly why he's so loyal. I know he mentioned once that he's known Gemma since she was 4 years old, and I know he's been in the town his whole life so he knows all these guys, but I wonder if there's more to it that justifies why he'd sacrifice so much for them.

    Side note: Did anyone else get excited when they realized today was Tuesday, only to have that excitement shattered a minute later when you remembered the show isn't on.

    Cause I did.
  7. jschuur

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    I assume the extreme to which he's been supportive is due to the late stage of his cancer. I'm surprised he's been around for as many seasons as he has. The way they introduced the character in the beginning, I thought he'd be dead from cancer by the end of the first season.

    Either Unser didn't expect to live this long in the first place, or the writers/audience liked him so much, they prolonged his life.

    If we do end up seeing a 14 month prison sentence for part of the gang and the show skips that between seasons, we may not be seeing much of Unser any more next year.
  8. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
    I think Unser also has a long history with the Sons (and Gemma) dating back to the time when they were the ones keeping crime (including their own) out of Charming.

    And he found out that being a little corrupt, even for the common good, ended up like being a little pregnant.
  9. Mr. Soze

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    Nov 1, 2002
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    Agreed. I think Unser has had a thing for Gemma for many years - maybe there was a reference to even High School in one episode.
  10. EvilMidniteBombr

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    May 25, 2006
    I seem to recall that Unser had a trucking company that SAMCRO would occasionally liberate shipments from. Unser would get a percentage of the black market sales.

    He'd provide SAMCRO with a manifest and route info, they'd hijack and clean out the truck. They'd give him a percentage of the score.
  11. VegasVic

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    I"m late to this show, for some reason I missed it for 3 years. A couple of weeks ago I saw the first two seasons on Netflix streaming, read a little about it and when I saw Sutter was involved in The Shield I gave it a shot. Love it, ripped through the first two season on Netflix then watched season 3 on Amazon and finished last night. Sutter as Otto is great. I agree season 3 drifted too much into soap opera land but I'm looking forward to season 4 when Rescue Me wraps up in September. It's going to be hard watching just one a week though :)
  12. mrdazzo7

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    Jan 8, 2006
    Welcome!! I was in your shows last summer. I had watched three seasons of Chuck in record time (for me) and still had a few weeks before fall kicked off so I needed another show to get into and I remember SOA. It was one of those "watched one episode then couldn't stop" deals. I regard season 2 of SOA as one of the top seasons of any show I've ever seen, that's how well done I think it was. Season 3 was good but after the badassery of 2 combined with the fact that I had to watch it weekly as it aired, it definitely wasn't as good.

    Looking forward to season four. I'll probably do what I'm doing w/ some summer shows which is save them up for a two or three weeks. TV is infinitely better when compressed.

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