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    Mar 4, 2004


    I dumped sat tivos for tivoHD and noticed they are a dime a dozen on ebay. Same goes for my sat dish and its dual lnb.

    But what about my Sonora Stacker and Destackers? Are they just as worthless?

    A sonora stacker is like a splitter for cable tv. I used it to connect my four tivo tuners to the dish with one cable.
  2. jkalnin

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    Huh? :confused:

    A Tivo on ebay is far from worthless if you have a lifetime sub, and I have no idea what the rest means.
  3. classicsat

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    Feb 18, 2004
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    They are DirecTV TiVos. Their value may vary from Standalone TiVos

    A Stacker/Destacker lets you run two satellite polarities on one coax, by shifting the one above the other. They cost quite a bit in their day, but might be devalues some as people switch back to cable, or newer satellite receiver technologies which make traditional stackers/destackers obsolete.

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