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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by riverside, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. riverside

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    Jan 9, 2006


    I am testing Sonic MyDVD trial version (6.1) trying to record TiVo files which transfer just fine from my TiVo to the my PC and which play just fine with the windows player. BUT Sonic MyDVD crashes again and again. This is a full blown how bout we send a message to Microsoft crash, not an error message in the program. Basically the thing is just useless. And it takes forever to make this evident. It seems unlikely that I'll buy something that essentially just crashes!

    I've got a 250 GB hard disk with over 200 GB free and 3.0 Ghz processor with 0.99GB RAM. You'd think that would be enough.
    I'd like to be able to burn TiVo DVDs and Nero seems to sort of do this, that is some files work, but others don't and come out garbled.

    Any ideas?
  2. jikan11

    jikan11 New Member

    Jan 20, 2006
    Yeah, sonic MyDVD 6.1 does not support the latest Tivo Desktop, you MUST use tivo desktop 2.0 as that is the only version of it that Sonic supports.

    It sucks I know, but you have to find tivo desktop version 2.0, then remove the version you have on your PC entirely, install the 2.0 version and you should be in business.

    Maybe one of these days tivo and sonic will make a compatible product instead of advertising for one another and creating issues for both tivo and sonic customers.

    I did find a copy of Tivo Desktop 2.0, I would post the link here but Tivo says I can't because of a WONDERFUL policy they have. If you need the link message me and I'll email it to you.

    "Your Post contains one or more URLs or image calls, please remove them before submitting your message again. To prevent the abuse of spam, we have set this restriction in place until after you make 5 posts. "
  3. The.Mayor

    The.Mayor From Alabama

    Oct 25, 2005
    Brainy Boro, NJ

    Been looking for Desktop 2.0 all over the place. I have searched all over this site, you know of any source for 2.0?

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