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    I live in northwest Florida, and there's a bill currently going through for Florida to recognize daylight saving time all year long. Most of my programming comes from Mobile, AL But our ABC affiliate is here in Pensacola, FL. March - November will be no problem, but from November through March, CBS, NBC & FOX will be on standard time, while ABC will still be on daylight saving time. How can TiVo make an adjustment for this and record the correct programming and the correct time?
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    Idiocracy. Noon is when the sun is at its peak. Time zones are a convenience for the railroads so every community doesn't have a unique time.

    If it makes sense for businesses to change to 8-4 or 10-6 hours, they will.

    DST, seasonal or permanent, is a fools errand.
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    A current 1P should adjust for the time change. It does right now, right? As long as you have the correct guide data, programs will be ok. Odds that TiVo will recognize the change (if it happens) are maybe 50 50. The chances TiVo will work with your ABC channel in a different time zone are close to zero. Not zero, just close. Perhaps someone close to a time zone border will chime in with better answers.

    Also, check your DMA -> Media market - Wikipedia to see if that ABC channel is listed. If it is, you should be OK.
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