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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by seattlewendell, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. dianebrat

    dianebrat wait.. I did what? TCF Club

    Jul 6, 2002


    I was only getting the "more about" ad until this week, and I thought it was certainly acceptable, but today I'm awash in "Realize Band" ads everywhere, in multiple folders, and on the "More About" screens, that's actually ticked me off.

  2. matt@thehickmans

    matt@thehickmans Hemo_jr

    Jan 8, 2008
    On my THD I noticed a something nice - not sure if this is part of the new update, though. I recorded something by hitting the record button on the remote. This manual recording overlapped into the next hour where I had two season passes set up. One of the season passes was for the same channel as that of the manual recording.

    Instead of a recording being clipped, the manual and the season pass (overlapping on the same channel) both recorded for their allotted time, duplicating the overlap. This is a nice improvement. Anyone else notice this? Or perhaps it was in a prior release and I just didn't notice it?

    BTW, I can train myself not to notice the pause ads. Or train my thumb to hit the clear or down key when it hits the pause key. As annoyances go, it is fairly minor, especially since it is easy to get rid of.
  3. NiteCourt

    NiteCourt Member

    Mar 30, 2005
    Erie, PA...
    I'm not sure if this is a bug with the new version or because of the tuning adapter but this morning when I hit the Tivo button I saw a message on the bottom saying my program information goes to April 29th. My network setting showed a successful connection the previous day but I still forced a connection. This evening the message was still there but I have successful connection. I went to the system info screen and it had the same date. I rebooted the Tivo and went to the system info and the date changed to May 5th. Anyone have this happen before? This is a first for me.
  4. dd9

    dd9 Member

    Aug 10, 2000
    Boston, MA, USA
    Absolutely crappy and purely annoying feature. They should have an option to disable this one. :mad:

    At least the backdoor to quickly disable the progress bar clears this new annoyance instantly too. It's a pain to enable it now, but you can do it as long as the title bar is up and you quickly enter the code on a previously recorded show.

    If they take away the backdoor to quickly clear the progress bar, then you'll see me ranting like a lunatic everywhere.... :mad:
  5. NAHurry

    NAHurry New Member

    Dec 9, 2003


    New problem with 11.0C.

    My menus, especially the Now Playing list, have become horribly sluggish - taking about a full minute to display everything. I only have four programs in the list. Each subsequent menu change into submenus is taking 30 seconds to a full minute to complete.

    Anyone else?

  6. b_scott

    b_scott TiVo Fan

    Nov 27, 2006
    chicago, il

    no bar, no ad. ever.
  7. aaronwt

    aaronwt UHD Addict

    Jan 31, 2002
    Where are these pause advertisements? The only thing I notice when I pause is it asking me if I want to know more info on the program I'm watching, but I haven't seen any advertisements when I pause a program.
  8. ahipsher

    ahipsher Tivo Fan

    Oct 29, 2008
    The advertisements are only on some shows. For example on Scrubs last night they added a line with a Star and a link to the REALIZEĀ™ Personalized Banding Solution

    Should I be offended that Tivo knows I watch too much Tivo and am more likely to need this product :D
  9. visionary

    visionary HAVE BRAIN WILL USE!

    May 31, 2006
    Norfolk Va.
    AAron, I see only that too, and reason is I am not networked, it just dials in. Most ads are sent over internet. While they could phone them, it would take a LONG time and they don't. I do still see some movie trailers and such they show on TV late at night on Ion network. In time they may distribute commercials there, but not if most are networked, at least I hope.
  10. stujac

    stujac Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    I finally got 11c yesterday and the paused "ads" are annoying but more annoying is that the audio bug is worse now; even when switching tuners the audio will go out occasionally and when going from hd to sd or analog it has a tendency to go out often. I'm using hdmi all the way so it's obviously tied in with a handshake issue. I'm strongly considering going component and optical or should I wait for them to fix the bug?
  11. Onibroc42

    Onibroc42 Oh, him again...

    Feb 4, 2003
    Middle of...
    Are you talking about dropouts on the audio? Because I get them with HDMI and optical. And they aren't there in the source material, because if I hit "jump back 8 seconds" there's no dropout the second time through.

    As far as the ads go, I think I'm more offended that my TiVo thinks I'm fat than I am at the mere presence of an ad (however annoying).
  12. lessd

    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005

    This could be good information for us..are you fat ??? I get ads for AARP medicare plans and i am over 65, does TiVo know more that we think about us ??
  13. stujac

    stujac Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Not so much dropouts, I have them rarely but I'm talking about the audio cutting out completely and I can't get it back unless I do any number of things; swap tuners or change channels, etc.
  14. jeffw_00

    jeffw_00 Member

    Sep 19, 2000
    These are like banner ads. eventually everyone will tune them out, but Tivo will make $ until the advertisers realize it.
  15. lessd

    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    My wife had this problem for the first time last night, I changed the channel to see if the problem was in the TiVo system, sound was ok on the new channel, went back to the original channel and it was ok I though the problem was the channel itself and it got fixed when i was off that channel..I guess not.
  16. twhiting9275

    twhiting9275 TV Buff!

    Nov 17, 2006
    Of course it is just part of the contract. You don't like it, you can take your business elsewhere. Vote with your dollar, instead of whining about it. Whining won't solve a thing.

    I've been a Tivo user since late '06, and despite all the changes I still don't see anything "intrusive" about ads. These people need to make money, and the fees we pay them (lifetime/monthly/whatever) certainly DON'T warrant ad free service.

    Tivo is basically trying to give the customer new experiences, something that they might be interested in. You can't fault them for that, or for trying to make a profit at all.

    That's just hillarious. Tivo has never, ever intruded on the viewing experience at all. They will continue to keep that up. Have they "intruded" on their own screens (ie: pause, menus, etc)? Yes, they have added ads, but they have NOT intruded. Just because a handful of users object to ads (hey, I hate them myself) doesn't mean that Tivo is intruding whatsoever

    Then you REALLY have no reason to complain. A lifetime subscription is incredibly cheap compared to month to month / yearly / etc. Again, stop whining. Either Leave Tivo or just deal with it. You don't have the right to whine about changes like this.
  17. Philtho

    Philtho Member

    Feb 10, 2006
    If this really works, I will love you forever.

    Everyone in the house was complaining about this last night. I don't know why, but it's just flat out annoying. It's like a mosquito feature. That's the best way I can describe it.

    Not sure what they were thinking.

    Get banned. This is a discussion board.
  18. notabbott

    notabbott New Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Yes. Have you rebooted/restarted since? I may try that later to see if it helps.

  19. Onibroc42

    Onibroc42 Oh, him again...

    Feb 4, 2003
    Middle of...
    How does it KNOW? GAAAH!
  20. rainwater

    rainwater Active Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    It would be less unobtrusive if the ad wasn't selected by default. It should select the "More about" link by default. It clearly shows the menu is only there for the ad.

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