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    Nov 9, 2017


    I have been a TIVO user and subscriber for over 12yrs and never have I seen an issue this annoying - I am having the same problem with my minis (ERROR V66) - IT CONNECTS AFTER YOU DO A FORCED CONNECTION TO THE TIVO SERVICE -TWICE - THEN RESTART. It works for a few hours maybe a day and then loses connection again - I was told there is a network discovery issue then I was told something else - WE CANT EVEN ROLL BACK THE SOFTWARE SO IM NOT SURE what to do at this point. I cannot watch the mini's consistently without losing connection - WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED - THIS ERROR V66 IS ANNOYING. ITS BEEN WEEKS NOW SINCE THE SOFTWARE UPATE WHAT IS THE STATUS OF THIS????!!!
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    Nov 27, 2017
    I just got my Bolt and Mini last week, and I have yet to be able to use the Mini. Customer support says they are "working on it", but looking at this Forum, it looks like the issue is about a month old.....Tivo cannot say when (or even IF!!) the issue will be resolved!! I can't believe I paid this much for something that I don't know when I'll ever be able to use!! Infuriating!!

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