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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by wcorey, Apr 12, 2018.

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    OnePass used to work great. We use it strictly for recorded shows. What we've noticed in last few weeks is it now appears broken. For instance:
    1) episodes within a onepass do not show as being marked for recording in the future while others are. No, it does not already exist.

    2) episodes within a onepass are randomly recorded multiple times

    3) episodes within a OnePass often/always appear multiple times in ToDo as being scheduled to record. They oftenn show up as errors as they are the 5th show being record attempted in the same timeslot.

    4) episodes within a OnePass once watched and deleted are often/always re-recorded.

    This is new behavior. We've owned TiVos since series 2. not Dumb User Error
    I believe this behavior is recent within months if not weeks.
    I believe this has to do with how Tivo determines 'new'. Who marks tivo entries as new (first aired)
    It used to be if the show was recorded in last 28 days it was considered a dup.
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    All the behavior mentioned could be caused not by a OnePass bug, but by the bad (and seemingly getting worse every week) guide data. Basically, if there is insufficient data in the Guide information for the Tivo software to be exactly sure which episode is being broadcast, it will record numerous repeats.

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