So You Think You Can Dance "Top 4 results finale show" 8/11/2011 *spoilers*

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    Does Heather Morris (despite her response when she was asked about it, she was a Green Miler (season 2, I think)) count?
    Since, under the "old method," the partnerships were random (supposedly) once they got to the final 10, I don't see how having the all-stars there gets in the way of developing partnerships. In fact, it's almost as if they tried to keep couples together in the first five weeks; I wouldn't be surprised if the real reason there was no elimination in the first week was that Nigel couldn't find a way to eliminate two dancers from the same couple.
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    That piece screwed with me because the guys were in different positions than the first time they did the number (IMO first was better even with the door snafu). Then I kept seeing a random blonde whom I could not identify- I thought maybe someone was ill and they added a stand in? Then slowly, by a process of elimination, I finally deduced that said blonde was Alexander wearing some funky makeup to boot. I wondered why the makeup- thought it was in preparation for another number but that never panned out, so all I am left with is the "why?"
    It's not as if he doesn't have the right to change things up, but that is a drastic change and did him no favors- I was actually reminded of that horrific "White Chicks" movie.
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    :eek: How did I miss that? :confused:
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    I thought there was plenty of talent amongst the dancers.

    So - I believe what went wrong with this season was the choreographers. The only 'routine' I watched again was the duet with Marco and Allison. I also paused to re-watch Melanie do her leap into his arms during the Total Eclipse.

    Other than that - there wasn't a single other number I felt like I needed to watch again.

    Dancers fault? No.
    Choreographers fault? Yes.
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    I agree with this sentiment.

    While I didn't think that this season was nearly as bad as many of you apparently did, I do think the choreography was remarkably worse.

    Unfortunatley it seems that this show has evolved into a choreography competition (for Emmys) as much as a dance competition. I've grown very tired of the way the judges pump up the choreographers after each dance, and it's gotten much worse over the last few years. When I saw the routine with Tadd swinging from a rope I thought "now they're really out of ideas"... but really they're just trying to outdo each other instead of focusing on highlighting the dancers.

    I wish Sasha had won, but I liked Melissa too. Actually, I liked them each best when they danced with each other. :)
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