So You Think You Can Dance "Top 20 performance show" 6/15/2011 *spoilers*

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  1. Kamakzie

    Kamakzie Are you serious bro?

    Jan 7, 2004


    Its time for the voting competition to begin!

    LOL at the botched camera work from the very start. Hopefully they get it out of their systems.

    Nigel, Mary and Megan Mullally are the judges tonight.

    Mitchell was injured during auditions so he's automatically in danger for tomorrow night.

    Jordan and Tadd - 1-888-TEMPO-01 - African Jazz routine by Sean Cheeseman - Looked like some very difficult choreography. I thought they did it very well.

    Sasha and Alexander - 1-888-TEMPO-02 - Contemporary by Travis Wall - Another strong performance. Nice move at the end that Sasha did, luckily he wasn't hurt HAH!

    Clarice and Jess - 1-888-TEMPO-03 - Broadway by Tyce Diorio - I thought they did very good. Wow Cat is tall compared to them! Tall and very hot! Clarice is a hotty too. Jess did better but it was his genre.

    Ryan and Ricky - 1-888-TEMPO-04 - Lyrical Hip Hop by Christopher Scott - I thought it was a very good performance. Nigel says to watch the facial expressions.

    Caitlynn and Mitchell - 1-888-TEMPO-05 - (Season 7's Robert takes his place for tonight only) Jazz by Sonya Tayeh - Another very good performance. Broken record by me. Nothing much to complain about tonight.

    Miranda and Robert - 1-888-TEMPO-06 - Jive by Jason Gilkison - I liked it pretty well. Quite fast paced. This girl reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt a bit.

    Missy and Wadi - 1-888-TEMPO-07 - Jazz by Sean Cheeseman - I thought they both danced it very well. I liked the choreography. Nice back flip by Wadi on that box. Missy is smokin' hot.

    Melanie and Marko - 1-888-TEMPO-08 - Contemporary by Travis Wall - Melanie reminds me of a young Ally Sheedy. They danced that very beautifully. Melanie will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Ashley and Chris - 1-888-TEMPO-09 - Hip Hop by Christopher Scott - I thought it was alright. Probably my least favorite of the night so far. But it wasn't a bad performance by any means.

    Iveta and Nick - 1-888-TEMPO-10 - Ballroom by Jason Gilkison - I thought he did very nicely with keeping up with her. A very good quick step.
  2. murgatroyd

    murgatroyd Don't stop believin'

    Jan 5, 2002
    Berkeley CA
    Two routines made my 're-watch' list:

    Iveta and Nick's Quickstep
    Jordan and Tadd's African Jazz

    honorable mention to:
    Miranda and Robert's Jive

    Which is not to knock the other dancers, but in the first two cases I have the triple whammy of good choreography, good dancing, and music I like, which helps considerably. Sean C. and Jason G. managed to avoid the two-routine-per-show curse where one routine is good and the other sucks really badly. (I would have liked the second of Sean C.'s jazz routines more if it hadn't been done to Lady Gaga-- big props to Wadi, who really tore into the choreography -- either Missy wasn't as strong, or the choreography didn't give her enough to do, or both.)

    For the rest of the choreographers -- bzzzzt wrong answer! In several routines, the dancers gave it a good shot, but the choreography or music made me go bleah.

    For the two hip-hop routines -- I'm so bored with "Forget You" -- it would have taken really brilliant dancing to overcome that. It's a bad sign when I'm watching a routine and my mind wanders off "... this routine is no "Bleeding Love" but I wonder if Mark and Chelsea could have saved this...."

    And for the "Ain't No Sunshine" number, Ryan's happy-face dancing was just bizarre. It's no picnic to have to dance the character who isn't there, the girl who is being longed for, but jeez. Have a solid reason why the couple isn't together anymore as your backstory -- something that will hold up to the soulfulness in the music. So I'm withholding judgment on Chris Scott as a choreographer for now, but at this point, it doesn't look as if he'll be one of the guys who makes me say OH YEAH when his name is called out in the rehearsal segment.*

    I've liked some of Travis' routines in the past, but when Mary got all verklempt about the second routine -- it was one of those 'maybe you had to be there' moments for me. I don't always like contemporary (I get plenty of angst-in-rags during the figure skating season, so I don't need any more from SYTYCD), and if the routines don't speak to me, they're going to be a misfire no matter how well they are danced, so I'm biased there. But neither of these would make my highlight reel.

    What's left? Oh, right, the routines from Sonya and Tyce. I thought Sonya's stuff was great when she first came on the show -- it was different and fresh -- but now I'm getting the feeling that I've seen her bag of tricks, and she's not likely to surprise me. Which is too bad, really.

    And Tyce -- every now and again he will do something that I like (Evan and Randi's jazz routine in season 5 to "I Only Have Eyes For You" was sweet) -- but if it's Broadway and it's Tyce -- zzzzzzzzz. I would have liked it if Jess had something more substantial to do.

    Based on tonight's performances, the dancers I wouldn't miss if they were sent home tomorrow are Ryan Ramirez and Alexander Frost.

    Edited to add: * Sean Cheesman, on the other hand, is definitely on the OH YEAH list.

    And boo-yah! Quickstep is no longer the Dance of Death. Let the cries of "the show is rigged" begin, but I can't blame the producers for wanting to make sure there was at least ONE really outstanding Quickstep in the history of the show. :p

    All in all, a solid first week, but that shouldn't be surprising now, when the producers are deliberately putting so many of the dancers into their comfort zones for these early shows. (Funny thing, they finally figured out that if the dancing sucks in the first couple of weeks, people might stop watching.)
  3. That Don Guy

    That Don Guy Now with more GB

    Mar 13, 2003
    Benicia, CA
    I didn't tape record the episode, but if anyone else did, does it still say at the end of the closing credits that the dance styles were determined randomly? If it does, then I find it highly coincidental that the one ballroom specialist just happened to draw the one ballroom-style dance. (I can't remember where I saw it, but I remember reading something where a former contestant claimed that, when drawing a "random" dance style, noted that there was only one style "in the hat" (and no, the contestant wasn't the last to draw).)
  4. mwhip

    mwhip All better

    Jul 22, 2002
    Well the first show they always play to the people's strength. I want to see Iveta do hip hop or broadway real soon. See if she deserves to stay for a while or not.

    Will they keep the same partners or will they switch each week?
  5. Kamakzie

    Kamakzie Are you serious bro?

    Jan 7, 2004


    I think they are supposed to keep them till the top 10.
  6. murgatroyd

    murgatroyd Don't stop believin'

    Jan 5, 2002
    Berkeley CA
    There were two ballroom dances: Quickstep, and Jive.

    Look, the producers have to turn out a good show. They want to have quality dances, stuff they can use in an Emmy campaign and stuff that will do well on tour. I'm sure the 'drawing your partner's name' and 'drawing out what style you will dance' is just part of making a better presentation. It's stage business. I don't care.

    If they did have a real draw, IMHO it would be more fun to have the choreographers draw what couple they were assigned to work with each week. I wonder how much the standards and practices people would have to bleep out each week if they did it that way? :p

    In the end, does it matter? All the non-performance stuff -- the eight-second intros, the puff pieces, the sad-sack auditions, the judges' comments -- it's just fluff. What really counts? The performances. If the performances aren't good, you don't have a show, and you don't have a tour that people are willing to pay for.

    They have to do what they have to do.

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