So You Think You Can Dance "Top 12 performance show" 7/13/2011 *spoilers*

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    I see hardly anyone has talked about the performances here and everybody is talking about Cat's emmy nomination (IMHO she and Tom Bergeron are great, no others need apply).

    So does that mean that you were as underwhelmed by the numbers as I was?

    Travis' "vulture" routine would be a good candidate for our fantasy show "So You Think You Can Choreograph" where the choreographers pull the names of other choreographers out of the hat and they have to mimic someone else's work. If Sonya hadn't liked that performance, I would have been very very surprised. ;)

    Really POed when I saw that Sasha and Alexander had gotten Tony and Melanie's Paso Doble. Hint: the Paso Doble is the matador's showcase; the guy dancer is supposed to be the strong one. Okay, he was better than usual, but ....

    Melanie and Marko get props for pulling off the sadistic choreography of Louis van Amstel, especially the lift at the end, but they still leave me cold. Sure, I see the quality of the partnering, but I don't feel the magic. Maybe you have to be in the house.

    I was just thinking, great, they'll break up the couples now and we'll get a chance to see how everybody does with different partners -- and then I remembered -- oh, crap, now they bring in the All-Stars. (More about that in the results thread....)

    Oh, well, we'll see what happens next week.

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