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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by cosmo4u, Sep 22, 2013.

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    i just moved and had to get TWC.. Ive had nothing but trouble with my switched signal. Sports pass works when it wants(black channels), channels constantly dropping(regular cable). Three Techs have come out, all stating they have never worked with mcards. call TWC and the cable card tech on the phone says they cant do anything for the signal the tech at the house has to fix it. Its a revolving door nightmare of stupidity.
    I have a tivo premire xl4 and Cisco TA
    I come back from watching tivo and have black screens. I have to unplug the TA and reset it to just watch tv again.

    I finally got the redzone channel working at 10am this morning, Im afraid to change the channel and lose it

    does anyone have any other ideas?
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    First of all don't feel like the lone stranger -- TWC NYC seems to be one region that is even worse for TiVo's than most others, including mine.

    Have you called TWC's national CableCARD/TA support desk, 866-532-2598 ?

    Are you getting any blink-sequences (of the TA's green light)?

    Bad signal levels for the OOB (out-of-band) signals used by the TA to communicate SDV tuning requests to the cable plant are a likely issue here.
    Get into Tuning Adapter Diagnostics ... Status Summary .... Next Page
    What are the dBmv values for FDC and RDC ? FDC should be between -5 and +5. RDC should be between 40 and 50.

    Unfortunately it isn't uncommon to have to power-cycle the TA and restart the Tivo occasionally to regain SDV channels, even when things are set up properly. For me it averages every 2 to 4 weeks.
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    Condolences from your fellow TWC victims.
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    I have TWC and 3 TA's in my house. One on a Tivo HD, one on a Tivo Premiere 4, and one on a HTPC. Knock on wood, but my Tivos are rock solid. Never have an issue. The HTPC with a Ceton tuner on the other hand can run hot or cold - can work great for weeks on end then I have to fiddle with the TA and/or USB tuner. I guess my takeaway is that they CAN work quite well if you get them running right. I will say that I have no premium channels but plenty of regular SDV channels.

    If you haven't yet, call the national number above. I've had good luck with them.
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    I have the exact opposite experience as you. My Ceton card in my HTPC is rock solid 24/7, records everything I want it to, and I cant even tell you the last time I even rebooted the tuning adapter on it. Sometimes I even forget it has one. I pretty much never have to do anything to it but just watch the shows it records, and once a month make sure I reboot it when the Windows updates download. Been trouble free so far :up:

    Now the XL4, that thing I have to literally babysit all the time. Its a constant struggle to get it to record what I want it to, and I'm always running to it at the top of the hour to make sure its actually recording something. Its gotten so bad that its in my office at this point. I cant even trust it to record my good shows. It's like I am constantly pulling out the cable card, rebooting the tuning adapter, or leaving the tuning adapter unplugged for awhile so it can populate suggestions. I'm hoping the fall update will take care of a lot of this, but if it ends up being the "same ole same ole" then when the contract is over, I'm gonna have to figure out something else.

    Really got excited about the Roamio when it came out and held off on getting one to see the feedback, but it looks as though some of the people are having the same issues that I have now, and that was a downer.

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