Smallville - 1/26 - Reckoning

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    I think I just dislike her because Clark wants her sooooooooo much. And it doesn't seem natural to continue to want/love/lust for someone after she has had other boyfriends and has brought such ache. Give it up Clark. Get over it.
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    Really, the only thing that seems odd is that Clark hasn't demonstrated that kind of finess with any of his jumping to date. Not only does he jump and land in a very small area, but he does it while he's holding someone. Like others here I think he was flying too, just that he's got it in his mind that it's jumping.
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    Well there was no "Matrix" like effect when he took off. I think it was just a jump with bad special effects.
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    Who said he had a constant speed. If he was able to judge his jump perfectly, he would have jumped up and slow to a stop just as he was over the ledge, barely accelerating downwards before hitting the ground.

    I think it was definitely a jump but looked like flight until you saw him arc onto the ledge.

    Like someone else said, until you change direction or speed (non-naturally) in mid-air, it is jumping.
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    Was anyone else thinking that Lex would win the election the 2nd time around? I couldn't think of any logical reason why that would have changed, but it would have been an interesting twist.
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    Well I liked it. I've only been watching the show this season, so don't understand the Lana hating. I'm not well versed in the mythology either.
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    Something to keep in mind about the reset -

    The whole reset provided by Jor-El was not a "Here Clark, let me reset time and help you" situation. As stated by Jor-El himself, it was a trial that Clark had not yet completed. By design, trials result in some level of difficulty or loss. Its the same reason he can only do it once - one time through the trial and its "learned". Clark missed this because he didn't really give it much thought - he was just focused on getting Lana back.
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    alpacaboy Well-Known Member

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    I missed this episode - my dvr went on the fritz before i got a chance to watch it. From this thread, I kind of get:
    1 Bo Duke died of a heart attack after fighting with Lionel
    2 Clark crushes coal into diamond and proposes to Lana

    I'm really fuzzy on the details of 2 though.
    - was this done in the fortress?
    - was it right after she was brought back to life?
    - Crushing the coal - that was done in front of Lana to reveal his secret?
    - Does Lana still know Clark has super powers
    - It appears she rejected him - did she give a reason?
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    You just need to download the episode and watch it. ;)
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    DevdogAZ Give 'em Hell, Devils

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    The episode started with Lana showing up in the loft for a pre-planned date. Clark took her to the cave, put in the key and they ended up in the Fortress. There he told her his secret, picked her up and "jumped" hundreds of feet to a cliff above, and then crushed a piece of coal into a (tiny WTF?) diamond and used his heat vision to solder it onto a ring. Then he proposed but told her not to answer yet, as he knew it must be overwhelming.

    Back in Smallville, it's election day. Clark tells his parents that he's told Lana everything. He tells Chloe and reveals that he's afraid Lana's going to say no. Lana shows up and says yes. They all go to the victory party for Jonathan Kent at the Talon. Lana gets a call from a drunk Lex and she leaves the party to go talk to him. He goes a little far, she storms off and drives away. Lex chases her in his car and she gets into an accident with a school bus and dies.

    Clark goes to the Fortress to complain to Jor-El and is given another chance. The scene resets to the loft where Lana enters ready for their date. But instead of being met by an excited Clark who is about to share all his secrets, she is met by the same old conflicted Clark who comes up with some lame excuse for not going on the date. They get in a fight and she breaks up with him.

    Long story short, because he knew how Lana was going to die, he was there to prevent it. However, because there wasn't an accident, Jonathan Kent (who stopped at the accident in the first reality) drove right on by on his way to a secret meeting with Lionel Luthor. They get into a fight (not clear what the fight is about) and Lionel appears to be hurt. Jonathan staggers out of the barn and collapses in the driveway just as Clark and Martha arrive home from the party.
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    alpacaboy Well-Known Member

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    Ah, thank you devdogaz. It all makes sense now in so many ways.

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