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    Hi, I've been trying to get Sirius to play through my tivo, and I know of the method using winamp and Shoutcast here But I'm trying a different method using XMTuner and TVersity to convert the stream to mp3 so my Tivo can connect to my PC and play it. Is anyone else doing it this way?

    This works, but a couple issues: it seems like the URL for the different sirius channels I setup change often. For instance a typical shortcut is: h ttp://;sr=48000;ab=320000/1811/_file_.mp3 that number, 1811, keeps changing. Anyone know how I could create an m3u playlist for these channels?

    The other issue is, for some reason, when I view an m3u file on Tivo I can only see the first item. I've tried a bunch of different m3u's, some super simple with a couple items and same thing. I attached the playlist for review View attachment my_pc.m3u.txt (had to add .txt for it to upload) When I view it on my Tivo, all I see is: Grateful Dead Channel Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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