Simpsons: Lisa and Milhouse Related?

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    In the episode "The Color Yellow" (Season 21, Episode 13) we get introduced to Mabel Simpson She's Lisa's Great Great Great Great Grandmother. Her daughter Eliza is Milhouse's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother. Mabel's other son, Abraham Simpson I is Bart and Lisa's Great Great Great Grandfather. So aren't Lisa and Milhouse distant cousins?
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    Here's the family tree, according to the episode:

    Mabel Simpson had two husbands:
    (1) Hiram, who fathered Eliza, who married Milford Van Houten and was Milhouse's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother;
    and (2) Virgil, who fathered Grampa Simpson's great-grandfather, also named Abraham.
    This makes Eliza and "First Abraham" half-siblings, as they both have the same mother but different fathers.
    There are five generations from "First Abraham" to Lisa, and seven from Eliza to Milhouse, so Milhouse and Lisa (and, for that matter, Milhouse and Bart) are fifth cousins twice removed.
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    I'm guessing if we did that kind of genealogy on everyone, we'd find that there are LOTS of people in relationships that are at least that closely related, if not closer.
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    haha yeah once you to get FIFTH cousins, that's a LOT of people :)

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