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    Nov 12, 2018
    Hi all,

    Need some help. Live in Florida and get a pretty decent signal most of the time. I have an antenna in the attic with a coax running to a 4 way powered distribution amp. That amp feeds the TiVo and 3 other TVs. On the TVs the reception is good and I get channel 44.1. But on the TiVo 44.1 is spotty and is anywhere from watchable to totally blacked out with no signal at all depending on the weather, but is totally fine on the TVs no matter what. The strong stations come in fine through the TiVo, but 44.1 (the CW) is always a shaky one on the TiVo even though it is ok on the other TVs fed by the amp. Should I put another amp just before the TiVo? Or a preamp on the line before the distribution amp? Is this because the TiVo has 4 tuners in it? Thoughts?

    Sorry - Title should say OTA Roamio - not Roanoke!! Autocorrect!


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    I would try without any amplifier first, if its possible.
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    First, I find that most "distribution amps" (just a powered splitter) are TERRIBLE as signal amps - they have very little gain. My testing has shown that even a cheap (about $10) single output amp rated at 20 dB gain is MUCH MUCH better. If you really do need any amplifier, just use that kind of an amp and have the output go to a good 4-way splitter.

    There are a few situations where two amps can work, but not often. If you add a second amp further down the coax line, you will be amplifying both the wanted signal and any noise or reflections too. And every amp adds its own noise to the signal also.

    In reality, you may not need any amp at all - you did not tell us what the signal strength are for the troublesome stations. Although it is not possible to accurately compare signal strength numbers between different models of equipment, a Bolt will display a perfect picture with any clean signal above 40%. In general, consider that a signal strength shown on any device that is over 50% probably indicates you signal is plenty strong. If you have PQ issues with a signal at that level, the problem is probably either noise being generated inside your house or multi-path signals caused by external reflections outside of your house. If it is a multi-path problem, then the strongest possible signal is NOT always the best solution! Try a slight re-aiming of your antenna in either direction to see how it affects the picture.
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    If you can get it outside and up some, will make a world of difference. Like has been said try without amp first. If you do need amp like V7Goose said use a pre amp that mounts at antenna.
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    Try both of these things.
    1. Go directly from the antenna to the Tivo, how is the CW then?
    2. Use the distribution amp but unplug everything except the Tivo.

    As mentioned height of the antenna plays a big role. I assume is isn't an indoor antenna you are using but an outdoor one in the attic. That's what I do. Too many wind storms come through to keep one outdoor and aimed especially at the coast where I am.

    At least then you will know where to start looking to get it all working. My Roamio gets stations better than my DISH receiver and at the least as good as my TV.
    44.1 is a strong station where I am about 48 miles from the transmitter.
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