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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by JoeSchueller, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Jun 16, 2004



    I'm continuing to experience an incredibly frustrating problem, and I'm hoping someone here can provide some insights.

    My TiVo HD would progressively lose signal strength over time. Analog channels would get snowy, and eventually unwatchable, and the digital signal would break up. A look at the diagnostics screen would show signal strength in the 30's. Simply unplugging the coax from the back of the box and plugging it right back in would solve the problem - perfectly clear picture and 93 signal strength.

    Here's what I've been thru:
    - Had TWC out 2x to check signal strength and quality. Both are excellent and well within their specs for digital. I had the regional head guy out and he's saying they can't possibly get it better.

    - Swapped out every bit of cable involved (twice).

    - RMA'ed the TiVo (for $50) and also tried 2 different sets of cables there.

    So here I am with 2 TiVo's, 3 different cables and the same problem every time. Although with this particular unit and cables, it was stable for nearly a week, but now when it loses it, it loses it completely. No fuzzy recordings, just nothing. Frustrating.

    So the only thing that's held constant in this game has been the Cable Cards and given the tooth pulling it took to get those from TWC, I think I'll give up if that's the problem.

    Anyone out there have any insights/guesses?

  2. JoeSchueller

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    Jun 16, 2004
    I kinda figured this out myself while typing the post, but the 2nd level tech just confirmed: this is likely a bad card or set of cards.

    I'm not sure I could have possibly received worse news. TWC was reluctant to deal with me the 1st time, unhappy to deal with me after the RMA and now are likely to say "yeah right" when I request another set of cards. My only hope is that maybe they've finally started giving consumers M-Card's and would be willing to try one out with me.

    Has anyone else seen this? The cards are good enough to pair and maintain a signal for a period of the time, but not good enough to hold that signal over a long period of time (24 hrs to about 6 days) and need a reset every so often? Apparently according to TiVo, when I unplug the cable, that causes the cards to reset. I can't really imagine TWC buying this. I have a good feeling they're going to simply say "f' you, they pair, they're fine, call TiVo," and I'll be right back in the vicious cycle.

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    Sep 2, 2007
    I found out that after a 6 month period of my cards working correctly that TW if fact had their serial numbers in the wrong slots. Now how in the heck they could work for 6 months like that I have no idea, but when I spoke with a person at headend and they had me remove the cards and check we found this to be true.

    So I suppose it could be possible. Most of the time though the type of problem you are having has to do with cable cards that are not the same version.

    Just my thought. Hope you get it all resolved. FWIW if they do a truck roll to follow up for you take a look at the card before the tech puts it in the slot and write down the serial number. The tech may not like that because it will slow him down about a whole 5 seconds but just remind him it's your equipment, not his.:)

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