Signal Level, SNR, Uncorrectables?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by MPSAN, Jul 6, 2020.

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    Here is my issue and want to know where to start. Is it my TIVO(s), or the Comcast/Xfinity service or something else I can try.

    The issue is that when we record STUFF I can get a dropout of less than a second which is not bad but can take out the audio...the video seems OK most of the time. If I go back it will happen again so I know it was recorded that way. Once in a while is was NOT recorded that way. We notice this on some movie stations like EPIX and STARZ/Encore. Encore can be so bad it is almost not worth watching.
    Anyway, I have 2 Premieres and the signal levels seem the same on both.
    I do notice that the SNR and Signal seem to be OK as well although there seems to be a discussion of what they should be and most do not mention the Premiere.

    I also notice a lot of correctables and even Uncorrectables. Could it be that the BLIPS are due to uncorrectables and if so could it be that the Premieres are to slow to keep up?

    These are 2 Premieres one Premiere 4 and one Premiere XL 4. They are on 2 different TV's in 2 rooms.

    I just want to know where to start.

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