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    I am currently using TiVo Desktop to transfer several T.V. shows marked for deletion on my TiVo box due to lack of space. I am currently in the of the transfers right now as I type this. If for instance the shows delete before the transfer is complete, will that disrupt the transfer of the shows? I am trying my best to make room for those shows; but its turn out be a pain. I have set it to record the E3 coverage and it does take up a lot of room. Anyways, any advice would be helpful.
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    I am not sure what happens or if a recording is deleted during transfer to make room for scheduled recordings.

    The "At any time, this program may be deleted" icon only means the recording is more than 2 days old and is available for deletion if the space is need to record a requested recording.

    If you have suggestions turned on use the number of recordings in the deleted + suggestions as an indicator to how much free space is available both of these will be deleted first.

    You did not mention which series DVR you have if it is a Series 3 or 4 extra space can be added using the DVR Expander

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