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    Sep 6, 2004
    Well, if "level 2 tech support at Austin" says so, I guess they must know, and it must be true.

    Puh-leeze! Sounds like "level 2 tech support at Austin" hasn't put enough layers of tin foil in their hats. If you really stop to think about this, how could anyone place any kind of meta-data in a digital broadcast stream that could make a STB tune AWAY from the DIFFERENT channel it is tuned to (which does NOT have this meta-data)? And why would any broadcaster risk doing this and losing their license? If a particular STB has a problem with reception that no other STB seems to have an issue with, the problem is pretty much guaranteed to be in the STB.

    There is meta-data now added to all programs by every major-market station at the broadcast level, but it is only to facilitate ratings info. IOW, it lets the boxes placed in Nielsen homes identify what is being watched more accurately. It also tracks live+1 day and live+7 day PVR playback ratings. For it to actively control your STB, your STB would have to have some mechanism designed directly into it to respond to the meta-data in a manner controlled by the STB vendor, and out of the control of the content vendor. Anything else is in the realm of science fiction.

    As someone speaking from inside information, FOX has no such sinister plan, and probably couldn't mount one if they did. The reason "level 2 tech support at Austin" has not received a response is because the question "level 2 tech support at Austin" is asking them is beyond ridiculous.
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    Apr 25, 2007
    I have a non-tivo PVR and this happens to me all the time. I replaced my PVR before I realized that it was only happening on FOX HD. When I record 24, House, Prison Break, NASCAR, or anything else on FOX I get it in up to 10 segments instead of the whole show, and at each segment break I lose some of the show. This happens on none of the other channels.

    It's very annoying. I think I'll boycott FOX.

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