Show Spanning Midnight Is Given Wrong Start Time/Day

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by forum1, Sep 21, 2011.

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    May 24, 2011


    I set a program to record which has a start time of 11:01 pm on Thu the 22nd and a duration of 1:37. I would expect this to result in an end time of 12:38 am on the following day, Fri the 23rd. However, when I review the To Do list the scheduled recoding is listed as starting at 12:01 am on Fri the 23rd, with the 1:37 duration, suggesting a 1:38 am end time.

    I am assuming this is just a display bug and that the TiVo will record at the proper time, starting at 11:01 pm. If I go back and search for the program I can see in the list of upcoming showings that the one I want to record, starting at 11:01 pm and displayed as such, has a checkmark next to it. Somehow the To Do list disagrees with the guide listing. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I am presently on version 14.8c.

    Just for kicks, I found another occurrence of this show that does not span midnight and when set to record the To Do list reflects the correct start time. Without doing a lot more testing, I am guessing it's the spanning of midnight that is the trigger for the errant To Do list display.

    Disclaimer: Maybe this has been discussed elsewhere, but my search attempts came up empty.
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    Jan 10, 2011
    The time is off by one hour in the guide and has been for the last couple of software revisions. Daylight saving option is not available as a selection in settings too.
  3. forum1

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    May 24, 2011
    Wow. I see what you mean. I haven't had to setup a new recording using the search function in quite some time so I haven't scrutinized the times displayed in the last software release or two. Oddly enough, the start times displayed in my guide grid (pressing the Guide button) are correct for the shows I am aware of. However, if I do a search for the same shows, when I select a given show from the query results I can see that indeed the start times are displaying as one hour earlier than they should. This must have been what threw me when I was doing my recent testing and thought that only the show spanning midnight was off. Silly me for thinking that the grid guide and search query results would display the same show times.
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    This has been an issue for months. I'm really surprised TiVo hasn't fixed this. It's a core part of TiVo's functionality.

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