Should Tivo allow past subscribers to stream on their existing Tivo without a subscription?

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    1) TiVo isn't going to make any money giving away their service for free. And their hardware is sold at a loss, and the TiVo's we're talking about have already been paid for.
    2) They're not going to make any friends or gain any mind-share with the crappy and limited apps on the DVR platforms. I would suggest that for TiVo's reputation those machines would be better doing nothing than frustrating more potential customers of the new box.
    3) The idea that TiVo is going to become competent at conglomerating befuddles me. They have made an absolute mess of keeping track of content with the deterioration of the guide and the way they handle streaming content; I don't see how they can recover from the current debacle.

    Apple and Amazon are conglomerating content successfull. Based on past performance I don't see how TiVo can compete successfully against these giants, though I don't disagree that is what they have to do. TiVo had a head start when they started to support streaming, but that quickly faltered and they have completely squandered any advantage that might have given them.
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    Tivo has been good at exactly one thing, making a DVR, including one that supported cablecards that worked reliably and was easy and pleasant to use (also helped that it was comparatively open and not locked down). And that's a big thing! I have used Tivos for twelve years. But most other efforts have been sh*tshows.
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    Yeah. All of this. Go with the companies that are good at streaming,not the one that is bad. When people buy the Stream and it is bad, I will show up like their mother and lecture them on how they should have known better and listened to me.

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    Methinks you assume wrongly given that sticks are cheap and way better, not to mention that all modern TVs have apps.

    There's no reason to stick with a dog other than sloth.
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    I should add that, while I would never advise buying any products based on future features, Tivo has a long history of overpromising and under/late/never delivering. How long did it take to get all of the menus converted to HD? It has been promoting a future Roku/Fire app for like five or six years. Beyond all the stuff I mentioned above, there is a good chance that they release this thing with all sorts of deficiencies that they never fix.
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    No way--how can you say that?!? TiVo brought us TiVo+! (I apologize.)
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