Shark Tank, 2/5/10

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  1. jrinck

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    Nov 23, 2004


    COMPANY: Send A Ball
    IDEA: Send bouncy balls as gifts through the mail
    SHARK BITES? None. Criticized profitability, plus mentioned it would be easy to copy.
    MY TAKE: Cool idea, but I don't know if I'd spend $20 to send someone a $1.00 ball.

    COMPANY: Qubits
    IDEA: Cross between Legos and Erector set, with innovation that one could create curvable structures.
    SHARK BITES? Yes. $90,000 for 51% of company.
    MY TAKE: I'd probably buy this if I saw it at Target or Walmart. Seems cool.

    COMPANY: Llama Brew
    IDEA: Llama manure as liquid fertilizer
    SHARK BITES? None. Said it would require too much marketing, plus seemed insulted by the funding request ($125,000 for 10%).
    MY TAKE: I'd pay no more than $5 per bottle, and only if I could get it locally.

    COMPANY: Nubrella
    IDEA: A harnessed umbrella-type contraption that goes over your head and upper body (kind of like an astronaut helmet), and can even work hands-free.
    SHARK BITES? Two sharks collaborated for $200,000 for 51%.
    MY TAKE: Too expensive at $29, as I don't really have much trouble with regular umbrellas. I might even be too self-conscious to use it, even if I got one as a gift. I'd be too embarassed by the attention I'd draw.

    COMPANY: Pillars of Slippers
    IDEA: Shoes sold via Tupperware-style parties, plus online
    SHARK BITES? None. Said cost of franchise license ($100,000) was too much, plus thought the owner was "Nutbar number 6".
    MY TAKE: She was kind of nutty... probably just nutty enough to make it work for her, but probably not anyone else.
  2. Ment

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    Mar 27, 2008
    Can't believe the guy got funding for Nubrella. In rain wouldn't your vision be obscured by raindrops on the plastic covering?

    This was poor slate of candidates overall.
  3. WhiskeyTango

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    Sep 20, 2006
    New Jersey
    I've seen umbrellas like this before except without the harness. Just Google dome shaped umbrellas.

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