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    Whiel I catch up on Shameless it's been driving me nuts as a Chicagoan where they shoot the show.

    I figured it was somewhere around the Stevenson expressway and the Orange or Pink L line. The commercial street looks like Milwaukee Avenue, but it could be a section of South Halsted.

    Thee Galagers are SOUTH SIDERS. "I live on the south side." "Some &*** from the north side..." They've given the address as 2912 North Wallace. NORTH? C'Mon!

    It's 2119 S. Homan.!1e1!2m2!1s2O7P125mXLPXnqNLDNFecw!2e0&fid=5

    It is next to the Orange Line.

    The cast comes to Chicago to film the exteriors. The interiors and The Alibi are on the Warner Bros Burbank lot - which means they must come to Chicago and film exteriors for several episodes at once. I don't see any sign that they do generic walk and talks outside.

    With shows like Breaking Bad you get the impression that they do the episodes in sequence, where they may have 2 or 3 episodes in stages of writing and planning but they don't do the whole season at once. They seem to say that they have an idea where it's going only for the next 4-5 episodes.


    Anyway, the cast does an outstanding job, especially considering how many kids they have in the cast. Even the 3 year old does OK.

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