Severe macroblocking on one channel only - OTA, Tivo Premier

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    Jul 9, 2019
    I have a Tivo Premiere, model TCD746320 to be precise. I live in the Chicago area, 17 miles from the Willis Tower, where almost all stations broadcast from. I am having steadily worsening issues with the ABC affiliate, WLS-TV, RF channel 44. In March or April, commercial skip worked on recordings from that station. It has not worked since roughly June 1. The issue has become much worse in the last 2-3 weeks - entire screen freezes into a multicolored smear, with no audio.

    If I simply watch the same channel with the Panasonic TV the Tivo is connected to, very few issues. Not never, but the difference is huge. Maybe one brief glitch every 3-5 minutes. Usually in the audio.

    I have called Tivo, and they had me enter the diagnostics screen. RS and RS uncorrected numbers in the thousands for that channel only - and the numbers change as I watch. Low and extremely variable S/N ratio. Tivo advised checking all coax connections between the antenna and the TV. But I DO NOT have macroblocking occurring on any other channels - see graphic I have uploaded. Antenna.jpg
    This is not every channel I can receive, but is meant to illustrate that I'm not having macroblocking on low power stations or other full power ones.

    I also called Weak Knees, and the contact I spoke with felt that there was a good chance the hard drive was beginning to fail. Or, if that wasn't the case perhaps the power supply. But if either of those issues were happening, wouldn't I have issues viewing and/or recording other local stations?

    Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

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