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Setup of TiVo Series 3 HD for new zipcode hangs

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by Menno Speak, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Menno Speak

    Menno Speak New Member

    Nov 8, 2016
    I recently moved from 60137 zipcode to a 46526 zipcode. I'm unable to setup my TiVo Series 3 HD for the 46526 zipcode. The TiVo just hangs displaying a Please Wait screen.

    I was able to reboot the TiVo and was able to successfully setup up the TiVo for my old 60137 zipcode. So to recap the situation, my TiVo is able to setup for “old zipcode 60137 and antenna” but not able to setup new “zipcode 46526 and antenna.”

    From my new location, I'm able to use 60137 zipcode to setup my TiVo. I can receive TV on a couple of channels that lie between my old and new location. I'm also able to manually scan, add, and receive the local TV local stations using my antenna. So I know the TiVo tuner is working and my antenna is working for my new 46526 location using the 60137 setup.

    From the 60137 setup, I triggered a TiVo recovery for a bad channel lineup, I followed the instructions and landed back on the screen that allows me to change my zipcode. I followed the standard setup procedure depicted by the program source and service connection menus. I did not see the TIVO go out and detect any channels for my new 46526 zip code. It's as if it skipped the step and went straight into the Please Wait screen which hangs. After 4 hrs, I did a power cycle waiting 60sec before I repowered up the TiVo. I then completed another successful setup for zipcode 60137. So why does the TV successfully complete a setup for zipcode 60137 and not zipcode 46526?

    This fault signature is deterministic. That is: When my 46526 setup hangs for 4 hours, I can go back and do a setup for 60137 and successfully complete the setup. I can manually add the local stations back in the line and watch them. So the antenna and TiVo hardware appear to be working. Something appears to be happening at the TiVo server than allow a 60137 setup to complete and work but does not allow a 46526 setup to complete and work. My hard disk passes all the TiVo SMART tests.

    What are your thoughts? From my testing, the TiVo hardware works. Would re-initializing my account profile help sync up my TiVo and their Server. Clearly I can setup the TiVo to work with 60137. But I now live in 46526 and need to swing the TiVo over the new location.

    Any thoughts, has anyone called TiVo support and requested that they deactivate their TiVo and then reactivate the TiVo.
  2. wedenton

    wedenton Member

    Jun 12, 2002

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