Setting permissions for an individual TiVoWeb module

Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by eric23, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to set permissions for a particular TiVoWeb module? I am using NowPlayingRSS, but am currently having to use my admin logon to access it. I'd love to be able to permit anyone to call this one module from the web server.

    I'm using an XSLT fragment to embed the RSS feed into a dynamic webpage, but am having to specify the logon in the included file. Although it's not possible to view the source and see the included file location (well done PHP!), if somebody were to work it out, they could potentially locate the file, open it up, and see what my TiVoWeb logon is!

    Any ideas?

    On a related topic, is it possible to create additional users for the TiVoWeb web server?
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    Well, you could try upp ing the dose on the anti-paranoia medication. :)

    Why exactly do you think someone would go to what sounds like an immense amount of trouble to get your TiVoweb password? Do you have videos of military secrets on your TiVo or something?

    You could run a second instance of TiVoweb on the Tivo, listening on a different port and with a different password, and strip out or disable in code all the unused modules from that.

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