Setpal boxes to stop working?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by TheBear, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Ian_m

    Ian_m Active Member

    Jan 9, 2001
    So is there any conclusion, yet, of which Freeview boxes are still suitable for TiVo ?

    I still have my SetPal Labgear box, with auto-updating, auto-scanning disabled and still works fine, despite some channels being missing (dating and one other ???) but am keeping an eye out for a suitable replacement.
  2. Ashley

    Ashley Aibo nut

    Apr 20, 2002
    Windsor UK
    There are two problems with using old digital terrestrial boxes.

    First there are boxes that are affected by the split NIT such as SetPal.

    Then after analogue switch off a transmission change from 2k to 8k will take place. This will affect a number of old boxes.

    See for a list.
  3. bigwold

    bigwold Sedentary Member

    Jun 4, 2003
    Without waiting for the inevitible I've switched to Pioneer TF100 boxes which if I've understood the spec correctly are 8k compliant but I expect some other change will come along soon enough to kill them off.

    For anyone considering switching from Setpal to these I've found the following:
    • they are not as sensitive so I had to install a masthead amplifier
    • they have far less missed or wrong channel changes
    • I've had one box lose sound mid-program a couple of times and took a channel change to restore it - maybe a dodgy box?
    • they stack much better (I have a few) and seem unaffected by the infra-red transmitter directed at the adjacent box
    • they run cooler
  4. DeadKenny

    DeadKenny New Member

    Nov 9, 2002
    Woking, UK
    On a side note, what about integrated digital tuners? Are these future proof?

    Just wondering as my parents are looking at replacing their old CRT, and the digital switchover for them is next year.
  5. DX30

    DX30 New Member

    May 22, 2005
    The new DTT HD services are due to launch at the end of 2009 using DVB-T2, but you can't yet buy a DVB-T2 tuner in any form. Unless they really want to upgrade now they may like to wait a year until the new DVB-T2 sets come out. Even if they don't mind using an external HD box with the TV they may get some bargains as the old DVB-T sets get sold off.
  6. pepsi_max2k

    pepsi_max2k New Member

    Dec 10, 2008
    Hey all, as this is the only thread on the DV832BN(2) firmware update I can find, I figured I'd post here. I'll start with the bugs I noticed present with v3.15 firmware before the recent update...

    1. Text string error in EPG on Wednesdays - the text "Wednesday" causes the time in the top right corner to be pushed off the screen, leaving just "..." in it's place.

    2. Very minor, but a similar thing happens when show titles are too long in the EPG. Or rather, would be too long, but only is too long because of the "...". Basically it pre-empts what will be too long, and anything that's at the exact length is presumed it will overrun so the final character/s are replaced with "..." when infact they would fit if it wasn't for "...".

    3. Sound drop outs. Every 25 mins or so. Everyone's noticed this.

    4. Sound looses sync, slowly, a little bit after every drop-out. It's fixed by changing channel.

    5. Subtitles stick on on all but ITV, five, and I think 4 muxs. Ie. they stay on the screen permanently until replaced by another sub.
    5.1. Subtitles, mainly live ones, pick up the colour of the subs on the same line even when they should have changed colour. eg:

    Person one is speaking. Now person
    two is speaking.

    instead of:

    Person one is speaking. Now person
    two is speaking.

    5.2. Subtitles overlap slightly at times, mainly when live, mainly on the first line, and is fixed when a second line of text appears.

    6. Resolution issues on BBC Sport broadcasts; the 16:9 anamorphic isn't stretched out correctly and has the entire image broadcast as 4:3 on a 4:3 monitor while in 4:3 mode in the settings, instead of being stretched out to 16:9 correctly. the wide button has no effect.

    7. Five muxes won't allow aspect changing with wide button (letterbox, full screen). This is on a 4:3 setting, dunno what it does when set to 16:9 as I never use it.

    8. Not sure if it's really an issue, but old 4:3 broadcast material usually can't be altered using the wide button (eg. quincy, old films). Another non-issue is subtitles on 3, 5 and 4:3 material is very low on the screen (on a CRT) when there's only one line of text.

    I think that was about it for major stuff. Here's what got fixed, and what broke, in 3.2.

    1. No change.
    2. Not seen it yet, probably no change.
    3. Not witnessed it at all yet, may be fixed. Unfortunately, although minor drop outs are gone, there's now huge permanent sound-loss (until chanel change) but at a much longer interval.
    4. Very slightly (looses sync a lot slower than previously). Also seems to be slight issues with sync on some channels, which appears permanent.
    5. Fixed. BUT subtitles now dissapear permanently after a day or so, and needs a box powercycle to recover them.
    5.1 / 5.2, not had enough time to see, but now live subtitles (news etc) have issues missing the entire first half of a second line until it shunts up to the top line.
    6. Fixed. Yay, can finally watch F1 in peace.
    7. Fixed.
    8. No idea, but I presume it's the same unless the fix afftecting 7 helped it. Subtitle issue is the same.

    Teletext EPG. Terrible slow thing, and causes a new message to display when powercycled, but both the new EPG and message can be dissabled by switching back to old epg in menu.

    I think that's all. Basically, unless you use subtitles, it's better. Unfortunately my dad uses them permanently. So it sucks. But I have a spare goodmans with identicle software, just pre-update version, so I can swap if needed :)
  7. AMc

    AMc Active Member

    Mar 22, 2002
    East of England
    Sorry but as a Tivo user I never deal with any of the Goodmans UI except when something goes wrong. The 16:9 switching issues have never shown up through Tivo, but then IIRC it inserts switching flags into recordings.

    3. is a show stopper for me, the loss of half a second in a programme is annoying. Discovering days afterwards that a recording of half a program is mute would make me throw the box out the window.

    Based on your post I'm very glad I missed the update but thanks for the detailed list.
  8. Foxy

    Foxy Member

    Mar 7, 2003
    Bonnie Scotland
    I couldn't agree more, the only solution would be to leave the subtitles on, but given that they seem to be borked...

    Does anyone know if the Asda's Durabrand CG5660-M is supported by TiVo, and, if so, what problems I'm likely to encounter with it?

    I'm now praying that my last remaining Daewoo Setpal box lasts for ever!!
  9. DeadKenny

    DeadKenny New Member

    Nov 9, 2002
    Woking, UK
    Just realised I said they had an LCD, when I meant CRT, but anyway :D.

    Same deal. Thing is currently they don't have any Freeview options, as there's no signal until the switchover, but once it's switched, there's no analogue, so they can't really wait.

    However this is more really for their 2nd TV. The main TV is hooked up to Sky (not really interested in a 2nd box sub).

    Doubt HD will really be relevant to them. Personally I wouldn't advise considering HD at any TV size less than 40" anyway, going by my personal experience of HD (unless you sit 5 inches from the screen). That kind of size is a bit big for them. Plus the broadcast HD choice is limited anyway.

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