Series3 RSS feeds are 'stuck'?!

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by eskovan, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I noticed that my Weather Channel feed kept downloading the exact same episode for a more than a week or two (I don't always watch it). I canceled the season pass, rebooted, and tried adding a couple other feeds. Notably I chose an X-Play webisode about Duke Nukem. The blue light on the front turned on and it showed up in Now Playing as downloading, but it never did. It just kept trying with no content ever appearing.

    Then if I tried canceling it the box would lock up on Please Wait. Had to reboot again. But as soon as it came back up that X-Play ep started trying to download again. Same thing, couldn't cancel w/o rebooting etc. Finally got it to stop, but now no RSS videos will download. Nothing appears in Now Playing with the blue circle but the blue light on the front is on constantly. And no matter what feed I chose nothing downloads or appears in NP, but the front panel blue light remains lit.

    Tried rebooting, plugging & unplugging the net cable bunch of times, still stuck. The VOD stuff still works fine (NetFlix, Amazon etc.) but I can't get RSS working. Any ideas?
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    Try restarting the Tivo without its network connection. Wait a while after reboot before plugging it back in.

    You could also try turning off transfers and downloads on your TiVo account.
    Let your Tivo update and then verify on the System Information screen that the TivoToGo line shows i,i,i.
    Go back to your TiVo account and enable transfers and downloads. Allow Tivo to update.
    That should flush out the stuck download.

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