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    I just got a great Series 4 from eBay and got a CableCard from Fios. Everything works well, except for my premium channels. I am subscribed to Showtime, but they don't show up in the Guide. All I am getting is channel 860 FIOSPREMIUM and 900 FIOS ON DEMAND , but it only shows promotional material.

    However, when I enter the Showtime channel numbers manually on my remote, I can watch the channels. TiVO is also telling me what's currently playing - it just doesn't come up in the guide.

    The channels I am subscribed to via FIOS are:
    865 SHOWTIME
    866 SHOWTIME W
    867 SHOWCASE
    868 SHOWCASE #
    869 SHOWTIME 2
    870 SHOWTIME 2 W
    873 EXTREME
    874 EXTREME W
    885 TMC
    887 TMX XTR

    Is there a workaround/fix (other than the manual channel selection)?

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    Settings/Channel List/check the box for those channels. Or

    Guide, "A" for options, select "display All", find the channels and move left. Hit Select and choose "add to favorites" or "add to Channel List".
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    Jun 23, 2020
    Thank you SO much!!!
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