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    Hey guys, I have a bit of an unusual problem. I have tried searching online not just here and have not found any answers. I have a series 3 standard tivo dvr. I have a Esata drive hooked up to it as well as HDMI for my tv, and RCA outputs going to a Slingbox. I have recently purchased a tivo slide remote which comes with e bluetooth dongle that you plug in the back USB port. Well, when I plugged in the bluetooth dongle, the tivo would just reset itself, and then would be fine. Anytime I unplug/replug the dongle it resets. This is the same for the HDMI cable as well, anytime i remove and replug it in it resets.

    Now here is the kicker. I know most of you are saying just leave the cables plugged in and problem solved. Well I was playing en episode of Glee and i went to fast forward through the commercials, the tivo froze up and reset itself, and keeps doing that.

    What is even more strange is that when it comes back up it wont even "Resume Playing" the same episode, it resets automatically when i try to "Resume Playing". I can play anything else as far as i know.

    Any thoughts.

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