Series 3 HD, Internal HDD replacement, no Netflix response

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    Hello Everyone,

    Long part of story, short: my series 3 HDD crashed so I replaced it with a Weaknees srive.
    I originally posted a thread about not being to access the "Video on Demand" menu option.

    After many hassles I finally got the the Netflix icon to appear in both the Now Playing list and the TiVo menu. "Video on Demand" is gone.

    Current story: now when I click on the Netflix icon in either menu, the display goes gray for a few seconds, then returns to the menu. No hangs, but nothing else happens. No status or error message. This is a repeat of what happened with the old "Video on Demand" optiion.

    The network status in settings shows that my DVR is successfully connected to the Internet, I was able to connect to the TiVo service and download all the "information". As another test I was able to connect to the Series 3 web server by entering the unit's IP address in my browser.

    I also tried power off/on via disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable (paused about 30 sec with power off).

    Note that I am able to connect to Netflix with another device: a Samsung "smart" BD player. So it's not a problem accessing Netflix via my Internet connections, at least not for the Samsung. Only the Series 3 has the problem.

    Why can't I get Netflix icons to respond on the Series 3?

    Model: TCD648250B
    Software: 11.0K-01-2-648
    Last TiVo Service connection (with re-indexing): 10/22/2015
    Internet Connection: wired Ethernet
    Internet Connection Status: successful connections with TiVo service, able to access DVR web server with FireFox browser from PC's on same LAN
    Router: Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G
    Broadband Modem: Xfinity Model TG862G (Firewall Disabled)

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    I was going to recommend trying running it from the Now Playing List as I seem to recall someone else having a similar issue but you mentioned that it does the same thing from both locations. It sounds like it's not displaying the activation page for some reason.


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