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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Evolver, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Evolver

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    Sep 29, 2007


    Hi there!

    I have a Series 2 model with lifetime service that has stopped working. It gets stuck at "Powering Up" when booting.

    I ran the Seagate SeaTools on the drive and it reports that "SMART Has Been Tripped". The Short Test and Long Test also fail. It seems like there's no hope for the drive after that, so it'll just go in the trash.

    I have another Series 2 of the exact same model (TCD540040) that does NOT have lifetime service. So, I'd like to just take the hard drive out of this box and put it into the box with lifetime service. I wasn't using this Tivo any more so it won't be a major loss to cannibalize it.

    From what I have read it looks like this should all work pretty easily, but can someone give me some reassurance that just swapping the drive and doing a reset will get me up and running?

    Obviously the recordings on the broken Tivo are lost and I assume that I have to completely reset the swapped drive so I will lose those programs too. Not a big deal. As long as I end up with one Tivo that still have lifetime service then it'll be great.

  2. ThAbtO

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    You would need to run Clear & Delete Everything after the HD swap because everything is encoded to a specific Tivo.
  3. Evolver

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    Sep 29, 2007
    Thanks! Sounds easy enough.

    One more question: Is it wise to make a backup image of my working hard drive, so that if it fails I can just buy a new hard drive and restore the image onto it? It seems like people have made posts about images and it just made me think that this would be a good idea.

    I don't expect a tutorial; I can do the research. Just wondering if people do such a thing.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!
  4. steve614

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    Backups are highly recommended here. If everyone made backups, there would be no need for the image begging thread. :p

    If you have a Windows computer, you can use WinMFS to make a truncated backup file that you can keep on your computer, store on a thumb drive, burn to a cd, etc., which can be restored to a new hard drive when the need arises.

    Also, download the MFSLive boot CD. I believe that allows you to accomplish the same thing outside of Windows, plus it's just handy to have around.
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    steve614 is obviously trying to put me out of a job.:D

    And doing it rather well.:)

    Before you erase anything, do you have any other spare hard drives lying around?

    If so, what brand and model?

    That lifetimed unit qualifies you for Multi-Set Discount, and now that TiVo is no longer requiring 1 year commitments on older (pre S4) units, you could re-subscribe the working non-lifetimed machine for one month for $9.95 and then just cancel in a month and keep it as a parts source.

    That way you could use TiVo Desktop to copy all the shows on it to computer and then copy them back to the lifetimed unit when it's working again.

    Also, you can make sure the non-lifetimed machine is up to date software wise, and then once you've got everything copied off that you want, you can do a clear and delete, which will leave it ready to go into guided setup, and then you can pull the drive and do MFS Live and WinMFS backups (I suggest both to double your chances of having something that'll work to restore it).

    If you act promptly, before they age off, you can get 540040 images here

    Please download both to keep them alive longer.

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