series 1 DirecTivo 500gb drive problems help needed

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by michaelrj9, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    I looked around but could not find anything that helped so here I go.

    I have a DirecTivo series 1 that I upgraded about a 1 year ago with a single Seagate barracuda 400 gb Hd (it was originaly a single 40gb) it was never stable after the upgrade. It had recordings that can't be stoped untill a re-boot, now playing items that don't exist, random reboots until the GSOD endless reboot happened about 2 months ago.

    So now here I am trying a new upgrade with a Seagate barracuda 500 gb Hd. And this one is still not stable seems even worse than when I did it a year ago. I am not sure of the exact commands I used a year ago.

    But now I used mfslive (newest version) with generated commands from website.
    backup -qTao - /dev/hda | restore -s 128 -nzi - /dev/hdd (save recordings)
    backup -qso - /dev/hda | restore -s 128 -nxzpi - /dev/hdd (did not save recordings)

    I also just tried mfs tools cd 2.0 with the following command that was generated from
    mfsbackup -f 9999 -so - /dev/hdd | mfsrestore -s 127 -r 4 -xzpi - /dev/hdb
    This was only used from the original drive that is still very stable as of today.

    I tried every combination of the 2 above commands. i.e:
    I used my original drive 40gb (very stable no problems with it I used it the last few months until I bought the new 500 gb drive) as the copy from drive. I also used the not so stabe 500gb drive (only a couple weeks old) as the copy from hd that was being copied over to a new 500gb just bought today (to see if it was a bad hard drive that was purchased a few weeks ago.

    After I did the command above then I would use the ptv lba48 v.4.04 cd to use the copykern to update the kernel.
    99% of the time The kernel does not get updated (I don't know what I am doing different.
    copykern (and pick the 3rd kernel option)

    It does say kernel updated but when the drive is in the tivo, the system information says 123 hours (once in a while when I keep on trying to re-do a new backup it says 484 hours (which I asume the kernel really got updated that time.

    I also used the itstant cake cd (fully automated process with lba48) still was not stabe. This one I was having recordings when I would press fast forward it would lock up on certain programs then re-boot the tivo automatically then some of the other programs when I try to play them it would say something like you might of been recording a channel you don't get etc even though I knew it was there before.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    Help please! I need my tivo stabe with a large hard drive.


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