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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by gary80920, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. gary80920

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    Jan 9, 2002

    I have just gotten FIOS and have their Motorola QIP7100 set top box. I would like to connect my Series 1 to it.

    On the TIVO is see an IR out port, and on the QIP7100 I see an IR in port. It would be too easy if I could just connect the 2 devices via a mono plug.

    So I'm guessing that I will need to use the IR transmitter that shipped with the TIVO.

    I'm hoping that someone has been down this path before and can share their insights.

  2. ggieseke

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    May 30, 2008
    DON'T hard-wire them together. The voltages etc won't match.

    One of the members here designed a custom cable that acts as an adapter between a TiVo and most DTAs (see but I have no idea if it would work on on your FIOS box.
  3. unitron

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    If you want to throw money around

    will let you take it and the TiVo's IR out cable and make a DIY opto-isolator.

    I'm guessing this S1 is lifetimed.
  4. gary80920

    gary80920 New Member

    Jan 9, 2002
    Thanks for the input.

    The S1 has a lifetime subscription.

    Eventually I will get a new premier model But for now, I am trying keep things inexpensive.
  5. gastrof

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    I'd double check with Gary Gray, but I suspect his cable would be what you need.

    When I had Comcast it worked perfectly with a little DTA cable box they'd given me (and my TiVo Series 1).

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