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    I'm new to TIVO and burning DVD's so please bare with my ignorance.

    I have a Humax DVD (DRT800) and wanted to know if there is any way to select what portion of a program to record from one that is too large to fit on one DVD? I have seen the ability to pick Part 1 or Part 2 but that appears that it only allows you to burn the first 2 hours as part 1 and then whatever remains as part 2. I have a program (the new season opener of 24!) that is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. A football game went over so the episode started 15 minutes late so I just extended the time at the end to record the whole program. Now I am stuck. The only DVD burner I have is the one in the TIVO so I don't know of an easy way to move it to my PC, edit it and then move it back in a format that would allow the TIVO to burn it.

    Any suggestions? Remember, I am a TIVO/DVD newbie (not new to PC's).

    Thanks for any assistance...Ray
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    The Humax supports TivoToGo as of Version 7.2, so you can extract the recording to a PC using Tivo Desktop. There then a wealth of information available on how to create a DVD from the .tivo file. The only problem is that you have to Burn the DVD from the PC, you can't copy it back and use the Humax.

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