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    For a couple months now my TiVo Stream 4K has had a screen that I cant remove or get past. Heres the info since I cant screen capture. Some of the screen is cutoff so I cant read it all.

    Android symbol display (little robot)
    EAM4K/SEI 400TV/SEI 400TV
    /release keys
    T button: Short press for next, long press to select
    [in red color] Cant load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to receive this message you may need to perform factory reset.

    Since I cant access the screen, it is frozen, I cant exactly do a factory reset. I unplugged from the TV and unplugged from power hoping to reset, to no avail. I have other streaming devices so I used them instead, with no problem. However I like my TiVo DVR and wanted to give the streaming device a try. Cant afford to just throw away $50 and would hate for this to impact my opinion, or further purchases, from TiVo.
    Hope someone can help.
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    Did you press and hold the button on the side of the TS4k to initiate the screen to do a reset? If you're looking down at the tivo mascot and the hdmi cable is facing up, the buttons on the left side towards the top.

    Press and hold for ten seconds to get into the reset screen.

    Press and hold for two seconds then release to select reset.

    Press and Homs for two seconds then release to erase everything.

    That should start the hard reset process.

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