Seeking best/fastest 8tb roamio drive cloning solution...

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by HoosontheTeevo, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Hello - have been posting about my upgrade to 12tb drive no the 10tb DIY thread. Thanks again to jmbach for that help on that thread.

    I wanted to post a specific thread about best and fastest ways to clone my 8tb roamio drive - as i prepare to upgrade my roamio plus from 8tb to 12tb.

    Can anyone point me to best and fastest ways to clone my 8tb drive? My offline inova fd2002 dock got stuck at the blinking 25% light trying to do an offline clone of my 4tb ota drive - but I don't want to waste 12-20 hours on this 8tb clone and not know if it's actually working after it didnt' seem to advance on the 4tb clone. The HDD Raw Copy worked great on my 4tb but took 20 hours - and I'd like to do it faster as this roamio has the cable connection and we are using it alot during this virus home 'confinement' - so I'd like to get it cloned as quickly as possible.

    would ddrescue be quicker - and is there a live bootable image that lets me clone with ddrescue in a linux environement where I assume it would be quicker? I've also found another tool poking around online - hdd superclone HDDSuperClone - SD Computing Service

    there appears to be alive cd image to use it outside of windows. Anybody use this before?

    Am I correct in assuming a clone will be quicker on my machine booted into linux directly vs. within a windows program -as was done with the hdd raw copy clone that was a windows 7 interface.

    do most linux live cd's/bootable images have ddrescue as a command option - or is that a specific image - ? Do you know anything about hdd superclone?

    thanks for any cloning suggestions.
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    Feb 9, 2015
    Thanks dmartin. I tried my inova fd2002 dock again but it wasn't advancing. also was going to use hdd raw copy again - but at 49mb/sec. it showed it was going to take 40 hours.

    I ended up booting into the mfs tools 3.2 (created with the image and balena etcher) and running ddrescue from a command line on a windows box with just the usb boot drive and the two drives 8tb and 12tb hooked up. it has been moving along (at around 100-120 mb/sec copy rate) and has about 4 hours left (will be about 20 hours total). should be popping the newly cloned 12tb in the roamio plus tonight late to do the test connections, ks58, and then back into the pc under mfstools3.2 for the mfsadd and mfsaddfix procedures - twice - to get me to 12tb. fingers crossed. thanks again - will look at that external cloning box.

    update - ddrescue run from a usb thumb drive using mfs tools 3.2 bootable image, did a great job - cloning my 8tb to the 12tb in about 20 hours (when my dock couldn't handle the large drive I presume). used the logfile and did a little research on ddrescue options - and you can interrupt and resume the sector by sector clone with the mapfile option specified. (logifle). my 8tb clone reported zero errors - so while ddrescue is designed to salvage clones from failing drives - it worked for my healthy drive in this instance. I rant it from the usb thumb drive in a spare windows box with OS and other drives disconnected - and just the two tivo drives and usb connected. I went into the bios on startup to make sure it was doing legacy boot, etc. Then this box was returned to its status as a win 7/win10 dual boot machine after this cloning.

    8tb roamio now at 12tb and went from 94% full to 63%.
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