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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by GeneD, May 21, 2011.

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    There was a thread on this issue in 2009 (Season pass mgr/alternate time), but they did not resolve the real issue. Consider the following scenario: I have a season pass for one program that airs only at 9:00 PM, and for another that airs at 9:00 PM, but then repeats at 2:00 AM. We are watching TV at 9:00 PM and want to watch a third program, but the recordings start and try to change the channel. If we cancel the recording for the one that repeats at 2:00 AM, it does not automatically revert to the 2:00 time slot unless we modify the recordings in the season pass. This is not only a PITA, but is infeasible if my wife is watching TV without me. We did not have this problem with our old cablebox because we could assign a recurring recording to a particular time slot.
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    You can do the same thing with a Tivo. Just set up a manual recording for the day and time that the repeat episode airs and get rid of the SP.
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    First, I didn't know that if you cancel a recording about to begin it doesn't automatically pick up the other showing. I never really gave it much thought though.

    A manual recording for the 2am showing and canceling the SP is probably your best bet.

    I was going to suggest that you keep the 9pm SP and if you need to cancel it, you just go into the guide, find the 2am showing and hit the record button but I may have a better idea.

    If you don't care when the TiVo records that showing, that is, if it's no big deal if the TiVo always picks up the 2am showing, your best bet is probably getting a manual recording for 2am and canceling the SP. If you would like to be able to watch the 9am showing when possible, you could leave the SP and get the manual recording. This way, when you're not watching TV you'll get the 9pm recording (and the 2am recording which you can later delete). When you cancel the 9pm recording, you'll still have the 2am recording.
  4. scandia101

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    You could also set the SP to record all with duplicates and it will record both 9pm and 2am unless you cancel the 9pm to watch live tv. Of course this isn't practical for many programs that are on several times a day.

    Of course you could always just record whatever it is you're watching at that time and then the 2am episode will get recorded - assuming that the other 9pm show has higher priority in the SP manager.
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    Whether it'll try for a later showing depends on how you cancel the first one.

    If you select a scheduled recording (from the todo list, for example) and cancel that recording then TiVo assumes that you weren't interested in that episode at all. So it won't try to get a later showing.

    But if you schedule a 3rd recording in that original timeslot then the TiVo will 'bump' the lowest priority show (based on season pass manager possition, where manually scheduled shows have higher priority than any season pass) and will attempt to record any avalible later showings.

    If the screen comes up in live TV asking for permission to change the channel to record the show I think it gets handled like the first example, but I'm not sure since I never run into that personally.
  6. jrtroo

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    To me, the key here is the SP priority. Select one and done programs at a higher priority level that those that repeat often.

    Then if you have a single conflict, do what Johnathan said and schedule the next one instead of deleting the one that you want bumped.

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