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    My wife put the show "24" in the season pass and moved it up to priority number 1 position. The to do list shows none scheduled. But when I search with wishlist it shows 2 season premiers coming up on the 15th of this month. Tivo has not recognized them yet. I had here delete the season pass and unplug the dvr. then put in a new season pass in the number on position and it still has not found it. I know I can manually record but what is wrong with SP manager?
    I am using a new R-10 unit with the latest software
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    Your locals may not be coded correctly or there are manual selected recordings that conflict, in addition if there is a SEASON PASS conflict it might take the TiVo awhile to process the request, so in this case "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE".

    There are two - two hour 24 episodes upcoming, one episode on 1/15 (Day5:7a-8a/8a-9a) and the other on 1/16 (Day5:9a-10a/10a-11a). I hadn't Season Passed the 24 series until this evening, but the Season Pass selection worked correctly and picked up both.

    If I was you I would look for conflicting records and remove them manually and then re-SEASON PASS 24 and then do something with the conflicts.

    Also, I know that people sometimes complain about SEASON PASSES and manual selected recordings, so I alway take a few extra steps to manage my SEASON PASSES and manual selected recordings, most likely over kill, but then again I don't miss any recordings, even when they mess with the guide data.

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