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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by HarleyRandom, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Unless I tell it to.

    "Supergirl" airs at 8 next Sunday, not 9. I had already set two programs to record next Sunday, one of which was supposedly "Supergirl" which I have a season pass for. But the listings had changed. I was looking up something else and discovered "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in the normal "Supergirl" slot. I had expected this might happen which is why I checked the listings earlier. But "Supergirl" was an hour earlier and when I selected it, it said "Record this episode", not "Modify recording". This is strange.
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    Sun 12-8 8pm: Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earth Part 1
    Mon 12-9 8pm: Batwoman: Crisis on Infinite Earth: part 2
    Tues: 12-10: The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earth: part 3

    Green Arrow looks like an episode will be carried over to as well. I just do not see anything in my guide yet for parts 4 and 5.

    This is a 5 episode crossover.
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    No need to threadcrap, if it's not your bag, please just keep walking.
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    I was assuming "Black Lightning" would be in this too.

    Sunday and Tuesday, there is some behind the scenes special but I don't see why there would be two of these, or two times when the show airs. Because if the behind the scenes special is not counted, I only count four episodes.

    I still don't know why I had to tell it to record "Supergirl".

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